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From Vt. to Va.

There's a Vermont connection to one of the eight new Democratic senators busily setting up shop in Washington D.C. right now.

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., has hired old friend Luke Albee to be his chief of staff. For Albee, 48, the job title will be the same as the one he held for 11 years with Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.

Albee has one of the keenest political minds I've ever come across, and he was well respected on both sides of the aisle, both here and in D.C. Many folks credit him as the one who wisely stopped the anthrax letters that were mailed to Leahy in 2001 before anyone was harmed.

Luke left Leahy in 2005 to joining the Washington D.C. political consulting firm of Ricchetti Inc., but I'm guessing he missed the rough and tumble of Senate -- and national -- politics. Warner was smart to nab him.

-- Sam Hemingway

You didn't call Albee for a comment? You choose to guess how he feels instead?

What an odd reporting style.
This is a BLOG for crying out loud.

If you are just looking to be critical for critical sake go join an American Idol chat room
He's a REPORTER for crying out loud.

I expect actual INFORMATION and FACTS.

I know that's a lot to expect out of Sam Hemingway - but we should hold the press up to some minimal standard.
Get a job.
Yea really. Expecting reporters to report facts is so stupid.
"A BLOG is a merely a diary or a reporter's notes, little fella. A Web Log, if you will. Hence, the name, nitwit. Kinda like drudge's dreck with a few actual facts mixed in. Hopefully."

Ah, so in addition to the other million things that jwunemployed is an authority on, he's now an authority on blogs, too.
Reporters should report facts.

Sam had the option to call Albee and ask what he was up to ... or he could just guess.

He guessed.

I guess it was just easier.
Reporters should report facts.

Sam had the option to call Albee and ask what he was up to ... or he could just guess.

He guessed.

I guess it was just easier.
You think that a reporter should pick up the phone and actually try to talk to the person that he writes about?

That's so stupid.

Why would he try to talk to Luke Albee when he can just guess what Albee thinks?

Now that reporters have blogs, they don't need facts.
Markowitz for Governor.
Go Deb
"Go Deb"

and take coop with you.
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