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Committee assignments: Where they landed

After last week's hurrah, this week legislators settle in to their committees. There are a few changes worth noting.

- Rep. David Zuckerman, the Progressive from Burlington whose other job is raising vegetables, was ousted from the chairmanship of the House Agriculture Committee. New Speaker Shap Smith had to find a place for Rep. Carolyn Partridge, who'd bowed out of challenging Smith for the speaker's job. Partridge is a sheep farmer from Windham. Zuckerman wasn't happy to lose his chairmanship, but given that reality, he wasn't displeased with where he landed: House Ways & Means, the tax-writing committee.

- Rep. Johanna Donovan, D-Burlington, another who bowed out of the speaker's race, was rewarded with the chairmanship of the House Education Committee. Smith's other speaker rival, Mark Larson, was rewarded with retaining his position as vice chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, which would have been tough to improve upon.

- Republican retained one chairmanship - Rep. Rich Westman in House Transportation. They weren't complaining. Rep. Steve Adams, who was challenging Smith for the speaker's job too, becomes vice chairman of the House Fish, Wildlife and Water Resources.

In the Senate, changes were few.

- Sen. Bobby Starr, D-Essex/Orleans, becomes chairman of the Education Committee after Sen. Donald Collins lost his re-election bid.

- Freshman Prog/Dem Tim Ashe landed spots on Senate Economic Development and Institutions, an indication that Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin likes the guy.

- Fellow freshman Randy Brock, the Republican who beat Collins in Franklin County, landed on Government Operations and Education, perhaps an indication he has yet to win Shumlin over.

- Room was made for Democratic freshman Matt Choate, a nurse from Caledonia County, on Health & Welfare, costing Sen. Jeanette White her seat there, but she will have a chance to influence mental health issues such as the future of the Vermont State Hospital on Institutions.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Given the election results, I don't see where anyone has a legitimate beef about Committee assignments or composition.
Oxymoron - Zuckerman - Tax-writing committee; Ashe - Economic development and institutions
Fortunately, Zuck got yanked out of Agriculture before he had a chance to collective all private farms into soviets and force us all to grow hemp. Ashe will try it, though.
Zuckerman got a great assignment considering his anti-Democratic rhetoric during the whole Ram/Pearson flap. Maybe it's a sign the Democrats are trying to reach out to the Progressives.

He could have easily ended up on Fish and Wildlife.
The usual left-wing suspects, with the usual smattering of Republicans in inconsequential positions to make an appearance of bipartisanship. Results: the usual diminishing presence of good businesses providing good jobs in the state, the usual attacks on Entergy, and the usual departure of our best and brightest for greener pastures, not to mention retirees that just can't afford the state anymore.
One more prediction: child molester laws will be modified to appear to be tough on predators (to shut the public up) but will contain no tough minimums in order to allow bleeding heart judges to release offenders ASAP.
Vermonters are obviously pretty happy to have the Democrats in charge of the Legislature, since they keep electing them by larger and larger majorities.
There is only one question left:

George W Bush: Great President or The Greatest President?
NEW YORK Gannett is implementing a long-rumored furlough program that wil require most U.S. employees to take a week off without pay.

Gannett CEO Craig Dubow announced the plan in a memo today, sent to E&P, and posted below. It is followed by a memo from Bob Dickey, head of the newspaper division:

Since when has Howard the Coward expressed an interest in further eliminating good businesses in the state by running for guv again, little delusional moron?
Deb Markowitz for Governor!!
Markowitz for Governor
Hoffer, Odom, and jw - dumb, dumber, and DUMBEST!
Go Markowitz
Shumlin for Governor.
Go Deb
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