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Inauguration Day

1.20.09 has arrived.

If you're down there in D.C. with your laptop or your BlackBerry or your wireless telepathy, let us know what the scene looks like. Massive crowds? Bigger than the Mardi Gras parade in Burlington? Stuck underground in the Metro?

What's the mood? The conversation? The dress? The entertainment around you?

Those of you at home, work or far from the Mall can tune in to the inauguration festivities live at www.burlingonfreepress.com. Reporter Candy Page will be blogging about it.

Let us know how the people around you are passing the moment - are your co-workers watching instead of making widgets or does the widget-making go on as always. My husband's going to be in the dentist chair getting his teeth cleaned.

- Terri Hallenbeck

As soon as you leave it will be over!
It appears jw got into the Richards a little early this inaugural day.
It was fantastic!
Al Roeker just commented on his experience on the bus with the Brattleboro High School band and how moved he and they were (all in tears) as they listened to the inaugural address.
Reporting live from D.C., this is jw, brought to you by the makers of Rishads Wide Irush Roze.
Since you constantly seem to feel the sad need to make ridiculous Nazi references, it's sieg heil, not "sig," you idiot.
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