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Former lawmaker is ill

Former Rep. Michael Flaherty, a Blue Dog Democrat from South Burlington who helped temper the liberal agenda in the late 1990s, is struggling with cancer.

It was the late Peter Freyne who dubbed Flaherty and his Chittenden County pals "the Blue Dogs." Once ignored as lawmakers more interested in golf than government, the group demonstrated their political punch in 1999 when they forced consideration of an income tax cut.

The original Blue Dogs included Jim McNamara and Hank Gretkowski of Burlington, Michael Vinton of Colchester and Rene Blanchard of Essex.

In an interview in 1999, Flaherty explained the groups' philosophy. "We're pretty laid-back and have a lot of fun," he said, flashing his trademark smile. "But you shouldn't take that to mean we don't take being lawmakers seriously. We take it very seriously."

All five have left the Legislature. Flaherty, Gretkowski and Blanchard retired in 2000. The pals have remained close, said Paula Flaherty. Now the Blue Dogs gather at her husband's bedside. Hopefully, they are sharing some stories and laughs and Mike is giving them one of those mile-wide grins.

-- Nancy Remsen

Those were democrats that were concerned about the average working Vermonter and not the current elitists that only care about how much money they can tax and spend for their special interests, the NEA, radical "gay" rights activists, and the environmental fascists. Vermont is a much poorer place with the latter.
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Bring back the Blue Dogs!
The blue dog democrats are long gone. They have been replaced by the yapping little chihuahuas.
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