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We'll wrap this up after I've had something to eat. Or maybe tomorrow.

Feeling a bit stressed are we?
how do you read stressed in that?

she's just hungry for pete's sake.
Look at the content that has been posted lately. Quite the blitz of short, low content posts.

Most people would just go get something to eat rather than put up that post.


How much did it cost you to have me express concern for her stress level?
Hey Terri,

Thanks for taking the time to update us while the meeting was going on. Many couldn't make it there and we appreciate getting a feel for how the evening progressed.

You did a good job.
Will people be able to see Shap's head when he's standing behind the speakers podium?
It's called "Live Blogging" -- it isn't about stress ... oh, nevermind ... you aren't going to understand anyhow.
It was a good show.. this twittery blog does hit some highlights of what people said... nice job indeed!

So, there's gonna be blood in Burlington this March to hear Perkinson talk....
"oh, nevermind ... you aren't going to understand anyhow."

How charming! Are there any more like you at home?
Isn't Odom going to play Rodney King this weekend and ask why everyone just can't get along? I sleep better at night knowing Odom is on this and is going to broker a deal that will solve all of the problems. There's the messiah, and then there's Odom.
"So, there's gonna be blood in Burlington this March to hear Perkinson talk...."

Wha ???? I heard Perkinson encourage people to run on either party - who is suggesting blood on the street? Wishful thinking, perhaps? Get a grip . . .
Perkinson is the voice of reason in that party!
"Perkinson is the voice of reason in that party!"

God help them.
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