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Sponge Bob candidates

What about sponge candidates - the guy who ran with Kesha Ram but said flat out he wouldn't serve?

Perkinson: Don't think that candidate had much impact.

Donovan: Progs have done that in my district.

Zuckerman: But that sponge would have been willing to serve. In this case, it was the difference.

"Zuckerman: But that sponge would have been willing to serve. In this case, it was the difference"

A difference without meaning. A sponge is a sponge is a sponge.
It has meaning to 3-4 unfortunately.
Kesha would have won with or without her sponge. It wasn't even close. It was a blow-out.

Nevertheless, running sponges is something that the Progs like to do, as happens in most two-member districts. So stop the whining about sponges. It's such a non-issue.
Kesha's press interview after her win shed a lot of light on how inexpereinced and naive she is. I really wonder if her agenda will resonate with long time Burlington residents and not just the transitional kids.
Kesha is so wet behind the ears you could waterski down her back!

She is not impressive, intellectually speaking, and will be essentially an ineffective legislator.
3-4 lost a competent and experienced legislator and gained someone totally inexperienced. People in the district have a right to complain.
It wasn't even close because it was a national election year and UVM students turned out to vote for Obama and voted for one of their own also without knowing anything about the district and its needs. Dems ran her and her sponge to oust Progressive representation that was outstanding. People in 3-4 who have to live with the result have a right to complain.
We also know who put party politics above our interests.
Yes we do: Anthony what's-his-name.
No his was personal interest; the Dems put party first locally and shafted the district.
It's a shame the district lost a great rep, just because Obama was running and a bunch of students voted for a recent grad. I just get the impression that a couple years from now she'll be on to something else and we'll have lost a solid rep in Mr. Pearson who was commited to our neighborhood.
" . . . and will be essentially an ineffective legislator"

Yeah, that Person guy was a whizbang dynamo.
His name is spelled Pearson, and he was Vermont State Employees "Legislator of the Year" in 2007, among other achievements. Better than you can do, mr. whizbang.
Yeah, we are really going to miss the "Legislator of the year" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The voters of 3-4 were very clear in how they voted. They had four candidates, and gave overwhelming first and second place to Zuckerman and Ram. Pearson was a very distant third, and the sponge was a very distant fourth behind Pearson.

The voters have nothing to be sad about -- they got what they voted for.

The election is over. It was a good outcome.

Next topic?
"Vermont State Employees "Legislator of the Year" in 2007"

Wow, so he won the socialist Grammy award. Congratulations. I guess that's a major challenge for a Prog, huh? What were his other major achievements?
Christopher Pearson - Burlington
House Government Operations Committee

Chris was appointed to the legislature by Governor Douglas in 2006 to fill the seat Bob Kiss vacated when he was elected Mayor of Burlington. He ran uncontested for re-election in the fall of that year. Chris was introduced to Vermont politics in 1998 when he was the coordinator for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. He then managed Anthony Pollina’s two statewide campaigns and served as the first full-time director of the Progressive Party beginning in 2001. He now works on a national election reform effort called National Popular Vote – a state-based effort to elect the president by popular vote. Chris has served on the House Commerce Committee, and now sits on the House Government Operations Committee. There he has been instrumental in shaping discussions around campaign finance, democracy reform, and protections for the state work force.

So... what have YOU done that's even comparable?
"He then managed Anthony Pollina’s two statewide campaigns"

How'd that work out?

"served as the first full-time director of the Progressive Party beginning in 2001."

How'd that work out? He lost his own seat!

Sorry, that is just not an impressive resume, Prog-lover.
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