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Audience questions

Terry Bouricius, founder of Progressive Coalition, had more of a statement: I'm at extreme left end of Prog coalition. Democratic Party includes people who are extremely right wing, like Bill Clinton. Other countries have mulitple parties. Need a voting method that allows multiple parties to run without splitting. Change the rules, not the parties.

Pressed to form a question, he asked if one party is more anti-capitalist than other.

Zuckerman: Progs supported changing capital gains tax.

Donovan: That was also Jim Douglas' position.

"extremely right wing, like Bill Clinton"

A ridiculous thing to say.
Clinton's decisions economically were certainly right of center.
Maybe Jim was right for once.
Did you forget the Clinton Administration brought us "Welfare Reform" and "Global Free Trade". If you don't know what's wrong with those things, then you are either willfully ignorant or just plain stupid.
How nice of you to call people ignorant or stupid. Proof that Progs don't play nice.

Lots of D's agree with both of those things.

Where do your gourmet coffee beans come from, Prog? "Fair trade" or not, you have access to them because of open markets.

Bill Clinton presided over an amazing economy, a relatively peaceful world, and left us a budget surplus.
I don't drink coffee. And coffee was available before NAFTA, GATT and other so-called trade agreements facilitated a race to the bottom for labor and environmental standards.

They can't take credit for the economy, that's a function of new technologies penetrating the market...

"peaceful world"? talk about selective memory! yikes. Not to mention they did nothing effective after the first al qaeda attack, and set the stage for their return.

I don't think they were ill-intentioned, just neo-libs: empty vessels programmed to win at all costs, even if it means changing what you believe in!

Sorry if you don't like the way Progressives play, chump, but stupid is stupid: you can tell yourself that centrist liberalism is good, but don't try and sell such claptrap around here!

Clinton was conservative, whether you like to admit it or not.
"Sorry if you don't like the way Progressives play, chump, but stupid is stupid: you can tell yourself that centrist liberalism is good, but don't try and sell such claptrap around here!"

Around where? Where your political orthodoxy rules and dissent is not tolerated? You're the chump, Mr. Stalin.

I see that only the Progs know The Truth! All other opinions are wrong and will not be allowed!

So it is written. So it shall be done.

Wonder why the rest of Vermont doesn't like you?
Actually, "around here" meant "in the realm of small-p progressives who you desperately need to win elections and are therefore trying to convince to join your party"... you know, the supposed audience for this thing?

Other opinions are always welcome to progressives. There's a difference between listening to all sides and coming to policy decisions that benefit all, and trying to say all opinions are equally valid, true or useful in a political party or campaign.

I was raised to believe that the special thing about America was the values of it's people, particularly the notion that we do NOT believe the ends justify the means... that's what made us better than the Russians/Commies/Dictators/etc.

Compromise that undermines the effectiveness of the legislation, done in the name of "cooperation", is not a victory at all, but a terrible defeat... and end not justified by the loss of opportunity to do the right thing, not the expedient thing.

Did you ever hear a crowd chant:
"what do we want?"
"incremental change!"
"when do we want it?

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