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Back to the governor's race

Will parties work together on gubernatorial candidate?

Zuckerman: If left-leaning candidate runs, we'll get out of way. Didn't run against Racine, Peter Clavelle or Parker, but this time no D was running well into the season.

Donovan: Yes.

What about conservative Dem?

Zuckerman: If it's a conservative Democrat we don't get farther.

"Didn't run against Racine, Peter Clavelle or Parker,"

This statement doesn't make sense. Clavelle was a Prog.
Peter Clavelle ran as a Dem.
Yea, and Pollina ran as an Independent, but he's a Prog too.

Clavelle was clearly a Prog.
Clavelle had been a Progressive but chose to run as a Dem.
Well, if Clavelle was really a Dem, then you Progs should have run someone against him.

Yeah, right.

If he was really a Dem, then why was his first act after getting the Dem nomination, to publicly endorse a Prog candidate for City Council over a Dem who was running?

He was a Prog.

Stop the nonsense. Please.
You are the one spouting nonsense, fool!

This is the crux of the issue of why we can't "get along". The issue isn't the ability of legislators to work together, but campaigns and elections, and why people with progressive (small p) values don't feel welcome in or represented by the Democratic Party. Peter Clavelle was always uncomfortable with the Progressive Party, like many Progressive Coalition era progs. He reached out to the Democratic Party and ran his Governor's campaign as a Democrat: that's joining the party, whether you like it or not. And there we have it: when progressive-minded individuals DO try to become part of the Democratic Party, and Progressives support that person, they are somehow "faking" it in your eyes, eh? Clavelle selected the best person to endorse in his opinion... he should have towed the D party line instead of deciding for himself?

Guess there's no use in trying to get under your "big tent"... there's no room for discussion in there!
Pollinas got to go get a real job.
The Progs leave their party behind when it doesn't help them - they look like hypocrates!
"Pollina's got to go get a real job."

Except what is he qualified for? All he is ever done is sit in coffee shops and run for office. Oh, there was that Vermont Milk thing, but that didn't work out too well . . .
Pollina's campaign was almost as much of a joke as Clavelle's run as a D.

So who's a good D/p or P/d that we can all just get behind, really?
The guy with the "Nader Lives" sign on Church Street?

Sean "Starfighter"?

"Boots" Wardinski?

Michael Colby?
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