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Turkey of an idea?

I don't know how many of you caught TV coverage of the governor pardoning Wishbone the turkey on Friday, but it struck me as I saw it that if they were so inclined, Democratic legislators whom the governor has accused of wasting time on boutique issues could suggest that pardoning a turkey in these economic times might not be a priority.

Unless Wishbone can make some budgetary miracles occur.

- Terri Hallenbeck

The Governor hasn't done anything since he got into office.

The fact that he didn't do anything on Friday isn't a shock to anyone who has been paying attention.
You are right Terri- there are plenty of turkeys in the Legislature Douglas could have pardoned if they would only promise to stay home in January!
Also one who blogs all too often!
Evidently, it's different when doogie does it, Terri.

You know how it is.

Hey, did ya see what Pete Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun had to say on Mike Mussina's Cooperstown chances and the O's pursuit of Mark Texeira and AJ Burnett?

What's your take, Terri?
Congratulations Terri, you have finally scraped the bottom of the barrel for reasons to knock Governor Douglas. Imagine all of the positive things he could have done to restore Vermont to what it was pre-Kunin if ONLY he hadn't wasted 5 minutes sparing a turkey!
Is this even really an issue?

This is the sort of lame act that people expect of the office. If he refused to pardon the Turkey there would be as many or more fussing about it.

What next, are there going to be complaints he takes too many bathroom breaks?
Texeira is a Baltimore kid, so that makes sense. Burnett will end up in the Bronx.

Stop by my BBQ stand if you're ever at Camden Yards

"..What next, are there going to be complaints he takes too many bathroom breaks?"

Don't be ridiculous.

Doogie's management. Bathroom breaks and safe working environments are only labor issues.

Management can't take too many bathroom breaks or too many corporate retreats in private jets to celebrate massive Union concessions and job cutbacks.
I'm still waiting to hear one campaign promise from the past 6 years that Douglas has made good on ...
boog powell said...

"Texeira is a Baltimore kid, so that makes sense."

Love the ribs, Boog. I'll be there.

Texeira's also a 28 year-old ballplayer who wants to win looking at an Oriole organization in tatters with no prospects close to the majors with problems in the rotation, the bullpen, the infield, the outfield, behind the plate and at the gate. What else is there?

Apart from that, they're in fine shape.

Brian Roberts hasn't demanded to be traded, yet, but he is already unhappy because the front office is dragging their feet on tying up Nick Markasis with a long-term deal.

That's not a good sign. Roberts is no malcontent, but he's not stupid, either. Why should he stick around if he wants to win more than ownership does?

It's not like Texeira is gonna put them over the top. They're not one player away, they're five or six and at least three of 'em are pitchers.

Who's gonna be your Opening Day starter, Daniel Cabrera?

"Burnett will end up in the Bronx."

Let's hope so. They need another "Carl Pavano - The Sequel" blockbuster to blow 100 million bucks on to make 70 starts over five years. As a Sox Fan, that works for me.
Kunin hasn't been governor for 20 years -- but somehow she's still to blame for all of the state's problems?

Sounds like more excuses from the Douglas crowd.
Anonymous said...

"I'm still waiting to hear one campaign promise from the past 6 years that Douglas has made good on ..."

Take Godot and the points. It's a lock.
Maybe you could detail the "massive" union "concessions" we have seen in Vermont in the last 20 years?

Oh, excuse me, of course you can't! You're jw!
Reading these recent posts make me think that maybe some members of the press are upset that they were passed over for the press secretary gig . . .
I've seen the guv, and let me tell you, I could probably dress him before he has a chance to serve me up. Talk about being a turkey. I at least have an excuse. It's my genes.
"Maybe you could detail the "massive" union "concessions" we have seen in Vermont in the last 20 years?"

Is it your clueless-cretin contention, bubbakis, that no unions representing workers in Vermont have made any concessions during contract negotiations in the past 20 years?

Good luck makin' that case, little fella. It'll be your first and you'll have a lifetime to never forget it.

Always a pleasure.
Too bad that don't have a video tape of doogie pardoning a turkey with a guy industrially executing one in the background in a damned wood chipper like pinhead palin did/does.

Even doogie's not clueless enough to realize that the tape sends a bit of a mixed message and doesn't really help bolster his image.

She's gotta be the dimmest politician since mittwit romney posed with the black kids singin' "Who let the dogs out!".

Gops - the jokes that right themselves.
The phrase you used was "massive union concessions."

Now your're turning it into "any concessions."

Where are the "massive" ones you spoke of?
"Gops - the jokes that right themselves."

That's a good one!

It's spelled "write." Remind me again how many times you've insulted people for making spelling mistakes?
"Gops - the jokes that right themselves."

"It's spelled "write."

Not if it's written as "right" as in "righting" their ship, schmuck.

Nice try.

"Remind me again how many times you've insulted people for making spelling mistakes?"

Well, if you nameless nitwits would just stop giving me so many more opportunities, little fella, perhaps you could close the gap.

You'll never make it a contest, clueless, but if, for example, you clowns were to enroll yourselves in Adult Basic Ed, get your GEDs and stumble upon a case and a clue and I were to get real careless for a year or ten, ya might cut it to double figures, little fella.

Truthfully, it's a long shot, but it's your only shot.

Always a pleasure.
I wonder how the webmasters at the Free Press are coming with the new blog software.

The Cooper Quints are getting rowdy again.
And your proof of "massive" union concessions? jw? Still there, lil'fella? We're still waiting!
"Not if it's written as "right" as in "righting" their ship, schmuck."

Nice try to pretend you did it on purpose, little fella.

Gee you're pathetic.
Nice try, little nameless-nitwit fella.

You don't even know what the hell you're talkin' about. Now ya expect me to believe ya know what I meant to say and how I meant to say it.

Sure thing, little fella. Sure thing.

Always a pleasure.
And the "massive" concessions were.......? Hello? jw?
bubba, you read what JW writes? Then you are a bigger idiot than he is.
"Massive" union concessions in Vermont?

JW: I said it; it is true.
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