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Live from the BFP

Come Tuesday evening, you'll probably want to know how the election is going, right?

Well, we've got what you need. Electronic wizardry is changing everything and we are offering you results and analysis in ways you never dreamed. Here's the deal:

- Candy Page, who's been covering this stuff since before some of you could read, will be blogging live on election night right here at vt.Buzz.

- At www.burlingtonfreepress.com, you can see live streaming from state Democratic, Republican and Pollina election headquarters.

- Also on the Free Press Web site, you can see results as they come in from more than 100 towns and photos from around the region.

But wait - you say you haven't made up your mind who you're voting for? Check out our online voter guide. We've got stories, candidate surveys, lists of polling places, recipes for Obama's chili and McCain's ribs (not sure about that last one, but we did have that in the paper the other day).

Reminds me of Jackson Browne's "Stay:"
"We got disco on eight tracks and cassettes in stereo
And we got rural scenes and magazines
And we got truckers on CB
And we got Richard Pryor on the video."

We've got stories and photographs
We've got background and analysis
We've got candidates on video
And if Bill Sorrell does a dance, we'll have that too.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Let's see. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert or the BFP coverage? Hmmmm. Tough choice.
Oh yea...I be living and dying by each post on this blog.

What will Pollina be thinking? Where will Douglas spend election night? Will Gaye celebrate/commiserate over a pint of Ben and Jerry's?
mmm prog ice cream!
While the unpaid farmers freeze this winter, Pollina will say "let them eat Ben & Jerry's"
I'm watching Keith Olberman, Chris Mathews, and Rachel Maddow!
Vote Symington on November 4th
no...I don't think so.
Anonymous said...

"Let's see. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert or the BFP coverage? Hmmmm. Tough choice."

Gee, ya don't think BFP can handle Clusterf@#k to the Statehouse?
Are you into the Richards already Coopy? 1:07 and you are already incoherent.
In other words, little nameless-nitwit fella, I'm goin' too fast for your ignorant anonymous ass and ya want me to dumb it down for ya some more.

Ya want me to chew your food for ya, too, or will ya be OK on your own if I cut the pieces small enough for ya?

Try to keep up, little fella.
I'll go with Symington - I know where she stands.
Okay Dad. You are so smart! You are my hero.
Symington = footnote

"Okay Dad. You are so smart! You are my hero."

Nah, you're just that thick, little fella.

Always with the sweet talk, shmendrik.
Again, it's kinda hard not to come off lookin' like Einstein when you're surrounded by ignorant anonymous trash who can't think, spell or substantiate a damned thing ya say, little fella.

Another ten days or so and I'll celebrate my first year of schoolin' you scum vote schmucks.

Ya think you clowns can muster up somethin' more than batting practice fastballs and actually make me crack my first sweat by then, little fella?

Give your ignorant anonymous asses somethin' to shoot for.

Always a pleasure.
Looks like Coop is on a sugar buzz from all the candy corn.

Must taste interesting when he washes it down with PBR.

I bet he's counting the days til BO starts having the folks that work for a living pay for his bottle.

Go fall down Jiffy. The grownups are sick of your foolish jabbering.
I think jw's bottles have long been paid for by more-productive people.
"Looks like Coop is on a sugar buzz from all the candy corn."

Ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis speculatin' about the thoughts of grown ups.

That's a good one, little nameless-nitwit fella.

Always a pleasure.
bubba said...

"I think...."

No, ya don't. If nothing else, you've made that abundantly clear, bubbakis.

Always a pleasure.
Copy and paste Cooper coasting through life.

Down the side street, over the tracks and right into the sewer with the rest of the cooper family.

The cooper "movement" personified.
Gee, still more cut and paste cluelessness from ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis.

What are the odds.

Always a pleasure.
Stealing my lines again coop? Too lazy to come up with your own material?

Gawd but you are a useless sagging stinky diaper of a man Jiffy.

You give the other obese bitch boy drunks a bad name.
Electing the six in Chittenden county is a mess.
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