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Political notes from Free Press staff writers Terri Hallenbeck, Sam Hemingway and Nancy Remsen




Just in case you live in a delusional cave and don't realize this, let me state from the start that a newspaper's political endorsements are made by the editorial board, which is separate from those of us covering the news. I didn't know who the Free Press was endorsing any earlier than you did. So spare me any innuendos.

OK, we got that over with. Now, let's talk about the endorsements.

The Free Press, the Rutland Herald/Times-Argus, the Stowe Reporter, the Caledonian-Record have all endorsed Republican Jim Douglas.

The Bennington Banner (an I presume the affiliated Brattleboro Reformer, though I can't prove it right now) has endorsed independent Anthony Pollina.

If you've seen others, chip in. Democrat Gaye Symington seems to have been left out.

Some excerpts:

BFP: "During the past two years and during the campaign, Republican Douglas has shown himself to be the candidate with the clearest understanding of the budget challenges that face state government."

RH/TA: "Neither of Douglas' challengers has made a convincing case that Vermonters ought to risk a change of leadership at such a crucial moment."

Stowe: "Although Pollina has all the campaigning skills that Symington does not, he also possesses none of her experience. Who knows who Pollina would be were he to be placed in a position of authority and decision-making? These times are too precarious to risk on an unknown."

Banner: "Vermont's chance of breaking the logjam in Montpelier would be greatly enhanced with the election of Mr. Pollina on Nov. 4. We believe his independent stature would allow him to work with both Democrats, who often agree with his views, and with the Republicans, who haven't repeatedly clashed with him, as they have with Speaker Symington."

- Terri Hallenbeck

I don't need a newspaper to tell me who to vote for.

I prefer to examine the facts and think for myself.
Please, Gannett Newspaper Corporation, tell me what is best for Vermont. Tell me how to vote. I'm sure that you know better than me.
This should put to rest the idea that the Vermont media is liberal.
Who did the papers endorse last election? I'm more curious about that.

I don't think undecided voters are necessarily swayed by an endorsement, but it can't hurt.
Endorsing Anthony Pollina - now that is a joke!!!!!!
It must be the toxic mercury fumes from the Eveready battery plant in Bennington caused this endorsement
Even a low-rent ward of the state like jw will quietly vote for Douglas, realizing that he NEEDS a few businesses left in the state to pay for his welfare.
Change! The world wants change! Oh dear, not in Vermont though. Let's stick with Douglas. The world is too scary to change here in Vermont. *shiver*
The Democrat Party has done itself a huge disservice this election. You didn't need the top of the ticket but you just had to throw Symington into the fray just to prove relevance. How much of a super majority do you need to continue failing to pass change for Vermont? Would Gaye have been able to accomplish what she couldn't as speaker with a huge majority? Ditch the egos already.
Ditch Pollina!!!!!!
Jim Douglas is corrupt...

Corrupt of ideas!

Accepts campaign contributions from the very Corps. that he provides no-bid contracts to!

Committed to radical right wing ideology!
Yes, the Christian, "right-wing" ideology this country was founded on. You leftists live in probably the most liberal state in the nation - highest taxes, "gay" unions, acceptance of child molesting as a "personal" choice, you hate the military that defends you, you whine about Entergy then fight windmills, you "demand" everything under the sun free, as if it was some birthright, and to top it all off, you will probably witness the destruction of this nation as a free country on November 4, and yet all you can do IS WHINE BECAUSE DOUGLAS IS ABOUT TO BECOME YOUR GOVERNOR!

Move to Venezuela and shut up!
First of all, Vermont does not have the highest taxes and repeating it ad nauseum will not make it so. No one accepts child molesting as a personal choice here or anywhere else.No one hates the military; we are proud of the service of our Guard. What we do hate is an unjust and unjustifiable attack on a country which had done nothing to us.
We will in fact be a freer country on November 4th, if the outcome you predict happens, as we will no longer be subject to government wire-tapping and other illegal curbs on our constitutional rights.
Further, torture and denial of habeas corpus will presumably come to an end and we will be able to hold our head up among the nations of the world again.
Vermont's chance of breaking the logjam in Montpelier would be greatly enhanced with the election of Mr. Pollina on Nov. 4. We believe his independent stature would allow him to work ..."

How quickly the Banner forgot that Pollina was an ardent Progressive until he decided to desert his party for his own political gain. Don't count on the Democrats or the Republicans to be dumb enough to put much trust in a Governor who can't even be trusted by his own party.
What was funny is that the Banner and the Brattleboro Reformer both endorsed Douglas last time and the Reformer has been incredibly critical of Pollina so if the Reformer endorsed Pollina, I would be surprised.

I agree, however, with the first post. I don't need a paper to tell me who to vote for. In Brattleboro, the endorsement of the Reformer is more like the kiss of death because it just sucks at reporting and gets the facts wrong consistently.

I'll stick with experience and vision in Symington.
Gee, so the Freeps Folks are in the tank for doogie. I'm shocked.
Reformer won't go for Douglas this go around because that Haskill woman is now on Douglas's payroll and is no longer the Reformer's editor. Another communicator in Douglas's stable of talking heads. Haskill sold her soul and has been rewarded-for now anyway.
I bet the Reformer will go for Symington along with the Valley News.
Oh no. Not the Valley News!
Bubbakis makes with the "love it or leave it" lunacy.

Always the surefire sign of the thoroughly beaten, brain-dead bigot with bupkis for over 40 years now.

It was horsebrit hume in 1968 and it's horsebrit hume today.

Jeb Bush and Katharine Harris are out of office, bubbakis. That's gonna make it a helluva lot harder to steal Florida.

Bob Taft, the gop-slime Governor of Ohio from 1999-2007, is a convicted criminal who is no longer in office. Ditto for Congressman Bob Ney.

They're not gonna be there to help Ken Blackwell and the gops steal any more Ohio elections, either.

You gop slime are gonna have to win it on the up and up.

In other words, you're fooked.

Gee, that's a shame.

Even upon conviction, the gop-slime Ohio Legislature still refused to impeach Taft and let him serve out the remaining two years of his second term. Just like Ted Stevens plans to do.

Amongst other things, Teddy Stevens will receive 122K per year in pension benefits, courtesy of the US Taxpayer for the balance of his life, despite being a convicted criminal just like the Dukestir.

The Diebolds aren't gonna be able to fix it for ya. Rovesputin is not gonna be able to find more registered gops in Manhattan, KS than there are people on Manhattan Island and they're not all gonna vote 70 times with 1000 percent turnout.

The WGOP Poll makes it abundantly clear that doogie will be the beneficiary of a divided Dem/Independent Vote putting him in position to inflict two more years of his incompetence on the State of Vermont.

Doogie's got 47, Symington's got 24 and Pollina's got 23 with 4 undecided.

A Dem Legislature is not gonna give it to Pollina over Doogie.

Do the math. Pollina saves doogie's incompetent ass and the scum vote gets something to dance and crow about for two years. Lucky us.

Always a pleasure.
Anonymous said...

"I don't need a newspaper to tell me who to vote for.

I prefer to examine the facts and think for myself."

Good for you. It takes some real brass to take an anonymous stand like that, little fella.

Way to put your neck and your name on the line, little nameless-nitwit fella.
Newspapers endorse the wrong candidate all the time.
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