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It's money day

The calculators are busy in all the campaign offices this morning. They are adding up those contributions and checking their math before filing their campaigning contribution and spending reports by 5 p.m. with the Secretary of State.

This could be telling concerning the viability of some candidates -- although it's early and there's plenty of time for a later surge.

Money matters, as a sign of support and as a tool to help get out a message. But just how much discretionary money do Vermonters have this year -- with worries about winter heating costs and driving expenses? Will that take a bite out of campaign contributions?

Any guesses as to which candidate will have raised the most? My prediction, without hesitation is Douglas.

Nancy Remsen

Will Pollina donate his campaign contributions to the Vermont Milk Company, so they can pay the farmers?
As for total dollars - it will clearly be Douglas - however, remember he has been fundraising since the day after the last election in Nov 2006.

Gaye only started 2.5 months ago she did not make a decision to run until early May!

And Pollina, oh well, he started last fall, or was that last winter, or was that last spring, or was that last week?
If Gaye were to have raised anywhere close to $200K in 2 and half months, it would have to be considered a huge success!
The big question is how much did Jim Douglas get from Entergy this time?
My money's on Karen Kerin.
And how much did Corrections Corporation of America put in Jim's trough this cycle?
Probably less than what Pollina's Milk disaster robbed from the farmers.

I wonder how much Symington is getting from the NEA?
Me too. It's a scandal that teachers support Symington.

Teachers are a MUCH bigger threat than a nuclear power plant that's run by people as competent as Homer Simpson.
I thought about donating my entire $10,000 merit bonus to Jim, but he would only accept $2,500. It hurt me deeply I must say. I love this man. I would lay down in front of a speeding Canadian lumber truck to prevent harm to him. I'm even able to get past Jim having affairs in the military and civil communities.
Douglas $750,000
Gaye $210,00
Anthony $150,000
Okay, Douglas has been raising cash since 2006 and I guarantee you that many folks that gave to him are already maxed out. The fact that Symington has been able to raise that much cash ($210,000) in just 2 months is actually really good. She's raised more than any other Democrat within that time frame. Also, check how many small donations were given to Gaye's campaign as opposed to larger donations to Douglas.

Very suprised how poorly Pollina has been raising funds. He only has $20,000 left. With this report, Pollina's viability as a candidate is now in question.
Yeah, Yoopee. Gaye can afford 1 ad for every 8 Douglas self-congratulatory messages. The Rove kids must be salivating to get down to the business of smear. There's mud to be slung dammit. We've got to show that Douglas wasn't really just riding around smiling a lot and looking genuinly concerned. Get what you ask for Vermont.
That the NEA would support Symington just diminishes their credibilty.
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"That the NEA would support Symington just diminishes their credibilty."

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Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "It's money day":

"Do you have anything to offer other than insults and personal opinion?"

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