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Birthday Bash math

Lots of comments have come in on the math surrounding Brian Dubie's birthday bash campaign fundraiser on Tuesday.

Here's the explanation.

He had 430 people come to the party. The charge to enter was $51 per head, in recognition of his new age.

However, people could choose to help "sponsor" the event by giving much more. There were four sponsorship levels between the maximum contribution allowed for the year -- $2000 and $250. More than 200 people contributed at one of the sponsorship levels. As a result, Corry Bliss, campaign manager, reports the total raised was $115,000.

-- Nancy Remsen

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Great post! I'm glad we have such spirited writers to report the important, important information as to how Bliss reached a grand-total.
oh thats amazing i think it like a golden opportunity for a group of people
thnaks for the post you have done a great work by posting keep it up
I don't think this post would have happened if other commentators hadn't raised questions about the math. I don't blame the writers.

However, I would like to see more posts about policy and legislative issues, and less about early-season political jockeying.
i think this was newsworthy.

I also think that a detailed list of all the donations to each of the Dem contenders would also be newsworthy.
Where is Peter Shumlin getting his money?
It is all over but the cryin - Shumlin is a shoe in!
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