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Britton calling

I apparently got the same call yesterday that Jon Margolis did. One of those long pauses when you answer the phone that tells you either nobody is on the other end or a telemarketer-type is. This pause was longer than usual, I'd say, and I would guess most people would hang up in the meantime, but I hung around for curiosity. I doubt the average person would have that much curiosity.

The recorded voice asked me to press one if I had a favorable opinion about Sen. Patrick Leahy, 2 if I had an unfavorable opinion. There was no third choice.

Next question: Would you vote for Patrick Leahy regardless of who ran against him? Really pushing for how many people would vote for Leahy no matter what. As Margolis suggests, perhaps so that opponent Len Britton can show supporters there are indeed people who might vote against Leahy.

Then: Did I have a favorable, unfavorable or no impression about Len Britton? This time, recipients were allowed to have no opinion.

The voice then declared the poll was paid for by Len Britton's campaign, the Republican running against Leahy.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Britton really thinks that he is Vermont's Scott Brown - however, there is a reason why we call Sen Leahy - St Patrick!
Britton doesn't understand that Scott Brown would have lost big if Sen Kennedy was still alive and run.

The only reason he won was he ran against a bad cnadidate.
Britton who???
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