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Markowitz on campaign kickoff tour

These days candidates no longer campaign. They do tours.

Deb Markowitz, Democratic gubernatorial candidate, held a campaign kickoff event Monday in Barre and then set out on a loop around the state -- a two-day tour. To read an account of her kickoff event, go here.

Markowitz is one of five Democratic candidates vying for the party's nomination to run against -- presumably -- Republican Brian Dubie, who has also been on one long business tour this winter.

One line in Markowitz's speech Monday in Barre raised a question in my mind. She declared, "I'm not a professional politician."

Markowitz has held elected office for a dozen years. That's been her job. So what is the definition of a professional politician? Who is one and who isn't?

-- Nancy Remsen

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Let's see...

Jim Douglas has never held a job outside of State government and all of that was elected office!

It's amazing how Republicans talk about career politicians except when talking about other Republicans!
A Pro-Pol will bend with the wind; an Adm-Pol will operate by the book.

It's that simple.
A 'political' politician will bend with the wind; a 'dedicated' politician will play by the book.

It's that simple.
I like Deb a lot but I'm voting for Shumlin. He has a record of accomplishments and is actually being specific about policy and proposals such as green local energy and job creation and education.

Deb give me some proposals. Something to chew on because you are near the bottom of my list right now. You think I'm isolated, I am not. A lot of Democrats at the grass roots level feel the same way. Just because you have money does not mean you will win.

Andrew Rome vs. Ruth Dwyer (1998 GOP Gov nomination) DWYER WINS

Jan Backus vs. Doug Costle (1994 Dem US Senate nomination) BACKUS WINS

You may have Emily's List but they really didn't come through for Martha Coakley. Give us specifics and not rhetoric because only Shumlin and Racine are the ones doing that right now.
Looks like Lil' Deb was down in Bennington yesterday campaigning. Are taxpayers being reimbursed for the money we're paying her to campaign? It was Tuesday. Shouldn't she be doing the job she was elected to do, and that we pay her to do. If she's not accepting a salary while she's out and about self promoting herself, can we see the taxpayer reimbursement paperwork?
Does that mean that Brian Dubie should also reimburse?

How about Jim Douglas during his all of his terms in office while Sec of State, Treasurer, and Governor?

How about George Bush while he was President?

Be careful what you ask for.
Brian Dubie is a part time employee - Deb is a full time emplyee; fully benefited - Brian does not receive benefits from the state.
How about Obummer? He's hardly ever in DC and fires up Air Force One regularly at taxpayer expense to spout off around the globe.
Deflect the criticism away from Dubie - nice try - Yeah he is part time - but he makes $60,000 as a part timer!

I notice you avoided any discussion of Jim DOuglas who has been accepting public salary and benefits for close to 30 years.
"I notice you avoided any discussion of Jim DOuglas who has been accepting public salary and benefits for close to 30 years."

I notice YOU avoided any mention of Bernie, who's been on welfare as long as Douglas or longer.
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