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From the Shumlin campaign

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Shumlin has added to his campaign staff.

He announced Monday that Bryan Hageny will be his field director. Hageny has been deputy training director at Democracy for America for the last two years.

Arthur Berndt will serve as Shumlin’s finance chairman. Berndt and his wife, Anne, produce maple syrup at Maverick Farm in Sharon, maple syrup. Berndt served as finance co-chairman for Peter Welch in 2006 and was a member of the Dean’s List fundraising committee for Gov. Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Shumlins got this all locked up!
I really would like to point out that Arthur Berndt and his wife were early Markowitz supporters who left Deb and joined Shumlin. This is a very, very big deal because the Berndt's are two of the biggest Democratic fundraisers in the state and have a lot of pull in Dem politics. This is a nice little coup for Shumlin.

Now, if only Sue Bartlett would run for Auditor of Accounts (like she should) and endorse Shumlin...and have Matt Dunne run for Lieutenant Governor like everyone wants him to then we may be able to wrap this up and have a nice 3-way primary between Deb, Peter and Doug. That would be a great race to watch.

And yes, I am supporting Shumlin for Governor.
Coakley's a shoo-in, too.
Shumlin's brain is locked up. I don't want this man representing my state or my party. He's a slimeball.
Out of all the candidates, he's answering the questions and giving good answers. He's smart and steady and we need that.

Read on Green Mountain Daily that his winning over these two fund raising folks is a very big deal in Democratic circles. They previously supported Markowitz and backed out. Maybe that is because she refuses to answer questions about state issues.
The other candidates cannot touch Shumlin!
Shumlin's reflection doesn't appear when he looks in the mirror.

That's why he can live with himself.
Pollina for Governor
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