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Douglas, Obama talk energy

Gov. Jim Douglas will meet Wednesday with the president and other governors about energy, from 2-3 p.m. at the White House.

Douglas often brings up the fact that President Barack Obama supports construction of new nuclear power plants. Will nuclear power, Vermont Yankee and the lack of a federal solution to nuclear waste come up?

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Maybe the president will remind the lame duck that he could have bought those hydro dams way back when. Hindsight is 20-20, eh Jimmy?
Jim Douglas, Mike Smith, Neale Lunderville, and Jason Gibbs were against Vermont buying those dams - so they stacked the deck of the commission to look at it by putting people they knew would oppose the purchase.

Sen Vince Illuzzi is the first person to propose the state purchase these dams.
The state would have been far better off if they had listened to Illuzzi back then.
What was Dubie's opinion on the dams? Or was he still hidden in the back room and not allowed to talk? Nowadays, Douglas trots Dubie out for every event and even lets him mumble and mangle a few words. Could a reporter maybe ask Dubie if he thinks the decision to not buy the dams was a good one? Ask Illuzzi too. I'm sure he'll have an opinion.
I've heard it was the big VT utilities that killed the hydro deal. They probably told Douglas what to do. It was a missed opportunity. Illuzi was right.
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