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Bernie's friends

The political Web site politico reports that Sen. Bernie Sanders was among 12 senators schmoozing in Miami Beach with a whole bunch of national lobbyists. You can read about it HERE.

- Terri Hallenbeck


I read the article.

This is exactly the kind of power, wealth, and influence that Bernie has been craving all his life. He moved here from Brooklyn in the late 60s and immdiately began running for office in VT because he knew Vermont was fertile ground for his lust for power. His concern for the "little guy" is a complete and total lie, but Vermonters foolishly eat it up. Meanwhile, Svengali Bernie laughs all the way to the bank.

Socialist Bernie schmoozing it up with corporate lobbyists down in Miami where he knows his constituents in Vermont won't see him.

Disgusting. But entirely predictable.
I hear ya on that.
Well, you read about the
Supreme Court of the U.S.
new ruling on campaign finance.

No longer can the media, newspapers and such, have total control over elections.

Now, the employers of many people, the corporations, can have public input.

Bernie is probably down there in Florida, not soaking up sun, but soaking up corporate sponsorship for 2012.

Corporations can make movies about candidates now,
and put them out for the public to see,
far more thought provoking than 60 second t.v. commercials or a few short paragraphs in a newspaper.

So, here' my suggestion, and yes, I have raised this issue here before, but it begs reiterating:

Florida has lots and lots of
Bald Eagles,
they get in the way of telephone poles
and so the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service created new federal regulations to "take"
(meaning to kill or to disturb, etc., remove to another location) Bald Eagles; and the new regulations went into effect Nov. 10, 2009.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sander's aide e-mailed me, providing me with a telephone number to call him.

I e-mailed back and said that everytime I bring my camera to where I see Bald Eagles in Vermont, they don't show up.

Then I e-mailed back a month later and said I still didn't have good footage, but I had a cold.

Then, I decided the heck with it,
I'll make a video explaining that the Bald Eagles have been seen by me and others at Stoughton Pond, part of the Springfield (VT) Recreation Area which is controlled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,
and what I want is
an immediate emergency HALT TO ALL HUNTING AT STOUGHTON POND because even though a hunter is shooting at a Quail or a Deer or a Coyote (hunting season is year round in Vermont for at least one species every single day!) then the hunter could miss and hit a Bald Eagle.

Now, no doubt the Bald Eagles in Florida have figured out they are in danger and are heading up here.

Here's my video:

I did admit in an e-mail to U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy,
in response to his e-mail to me, that when there is the sound of a hunter's rifle shot,
then I whistle to let the hunter know I'm on a trail and then my little dog "Z" (11 pounds) whines because my whistling annoys her ears, and then I had to edit out quite a few scenes of this, because it is a bang, bang, bang neighborhood over there at Stoughton Pond.

So, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, down there with all the Bald Eagles being "taken" and "disturbed" and gotten out of the way of electric poles in Florida, that vast population of Bald Eagles down there, all need to know what I am asking for: a Bald Eagle Reservation, just ONE pond, that's all I'm asking for.

So, if you didn't watch my video before, see it now, and be sure to tell Bernie.


He should tell the corporations to make a movie about him saving the Bald Eagles!

Cris Ericson
oh, today my domain doesn't work, don't know if it is a victim of hackers, but
here is an alternate domain to get to my website

ha, ha, then they'll hack that
Bernie loves Bernie
Someone should look at all of Sen Sanders travels and who pays for what.
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