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What would Ethan say?

That's the question that John McClaughry of the Ethan Allen Institute has posed to five Progressive House members about their choice of a name for the single-payer health care system they have proposed in H. 491.

McClaughry wrote in a letter that he wasn't shocked to see their bill calling for a "single-payer government health care scheme."

"But I am shocked to learn that you have entitled this monstrosity "Ethan Allen Health. Apparently you are so bereft of historical knowledge that you believe that your legislative creation would somehow find favor with Vermont's 18th century hero, Col. Ethan Allen."

Describing Allen as a "brawling, boozing, blaspheming giant" and an "outspoken champion of liberty and property," McClaughry question how anyone could think he would endorse a bill "to impose upon free Vermonters a government-run, taxpayer-financed health care system?"

"If you must label this legislative travesty in the name of an Allen, consider choosing Levi, the Tory. Levi died in a Burlington debtor's prison in 1801, which is what will likely happen to the whole state of Vermont if the General Assembly should, God forfend, enact your $2 billion health care legislation."

OK, anyone have names to suggest to the Progressives?

-- Nancy Remsen

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John McClaughry knows everything about everything --- just ask him!
McClaughry is right. The current status of health care should be labeled Ethan Allen Care. Maybe the health-care-for-all future plan should be called Fanny Allen Health Care? But only a self-ordained expert could get so worked up over a Progressive naming exercise.
How about Benedict Arnold Health?
I'd do it just to piss off McClaughry.

That's what Ethan would want.
With all due respect, John McClaughry is irrelevant. Rant away John. You and your "think tank" have made no measurable difference to Vermont.
You got that right - McClaughry is irrelevant!
And what about Ira? Heroes for some, but they pretty much looked out for themselves when it was all said and done. They wouldn't be part of any item that didn't win them a commission, property or uniform.

Shouldn't be named after them...now Fanny is a huge difference - she would back the health Care plan %100!
"John McClaughry knows everything about everything --- just ask him!"

Then he should become a Progressive.

The Progressives know everything about everything, and think they're morally, ethically, and intellectually superior to non-Progressives, and act like it.

But guess what? Their rush to support Mayor What's-His-Name in Burlington after his multiple idiotic fiascos reveal that they're much more cheap, corrupt, dishonest, and machine-oriented than the Dems and Repubs that they love to look down their noses at.
John McClaughry started his "Think Tank" because he couldn't get elected. It was easier then getting a real job.
7:55am What is it about the fringe-element that finds a way to blame the Burlington Progressives for all the ills of politics in Vermont?
"John McClaughry started his "Think Tank" because he couldn't get elected. It was easier then getting a real job."

But at least he created his job in the private sector, and I am not forced to pay for it.

The Progs and Dems should try that sometime.
"7:55am What is it about the fringe-element that finds a way to blame the Burlington Progressives for all the ills of politics in Vermont?"

Umm . . . because it's true.

Besides, a poster accused McLaughry of being a know-it-all. I was merely pointing out that there are many other chronic know-it-alls in Vermont.
8:48am Wouldn't it have been more productive to provide the readers with some of the accomplishments of McLaughry, than to run down those not involved in this discussion. It would be helpful to know what he has done to ensure health care for all Vermonters. Maybe his contributions are greater than the average reader might assume. But it seems that the way to prove the more conservative view as the correct one is to simply run down the Progressives. Sorry, doesn't work for me.
Guess you're one of those Prog know-it-alls too.
McClaughry is a legend in his own mind.
The Progs are a legend in no ones mind!
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