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Dean: No on surgeon general

The Washington Times, of all newspapers, has a story today on what former Gov. Howard Dean plans to be doing, now that he's no longer head of the Democratic National Committee and won't be Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services.

You've heard some it before. He's going to be an advisor to a huge international consulting firm and promoting health care reform. But, he tells the WTimes, he's also into alternative energy and getting the generals at DoD involved. Check out this paragraph from the story:

Mr. Dean said he couldn't talk about the alternative energy projects he's working on, but hinted at some top secret news on a "breakthrough" he is working to get into the Defense Department: "There are some extraordinary inventions out there being moved forward."
He's also talking about something the WTimes called "Baby College" to help kids aged 0-3 get off to a better start. And, speaking of health care, he said he told the White House "thanks but no thanks" on whether he wants to be considered for Surgeon General now that CNN's Sanjay Gupta has declined to be nominated. Check it all out by clicking HERE.
--Sam Hemingway

It seems like Sam writes about what he reads in the newspapers and Terri writes news stories based on primary sources.
...no, it seems like you are trying to make a blog into a newspaper. get over it.
I'm glad Howard isn't going to work for the government. He is a visionary and would just butt too many heads now. Besides we want him in Vermont a lot. Hear that Gov, don't be a stranger.
Dean is a wannabe who needs to become a has been
Blogs can - and should - have unique content. They should not be a regurgitation of what has already been printed.

Terri goes out and collects information that you can't get elsewhere.

Sam reads the newspaper and tells us about it.

I read the newspapers too. I don't need Sam to tell us what's printed in them.
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