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The campaign is on

If you flicked the TV on last night you might have seen the Freedom to Marry Task Force's new ad, promoting same-sex marriage legislation in Vermont.

If you live behind a mountain and no longer get TV reception because the federal government decided we all needed to "upgrade," you can still see it here.

The ad is one indication that the drive to pass legislation this year is solidly funded and coordinated.

By the way, you'll notice that this this ad cites a series of newspaper editorials. Makes you wonder what people will do when there are no newspaper to cite, when there is no neutral entity to turn to. Wait, no one would let that happen.

- Terri Hallenbeck

There are no neutral entities.

But newspapers do play an important role in our democracy.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for us to move away from the corporate media and towards sources that are more invested in our local communities.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when that Gay Marriage Bill lands on Jim Douglas's desk.
I'm not sure about a veto. Granted Douglas is Vermont's answer to the Cowardly Lion but what side of history does he want to be on?

Gay Vermonters should no longer be forced to sit in the back of the bus. Douglas must see this.
Yes, veto
That anyone would cite the BFP's support is amazing.
Douglas should sign the gay marriage bill. It would solidify his credentials as a moderate Vermont Republican, and neutralize the issue. Shumlin and the Democrats would have to find something else to run on.

Where is the Ruth Dwyer/Brian Pearl/Paul Beaudry wing of the party going to go? For Pollina?
Douglas should veto. See why at intellectualredneck.com.
"Where is the Ruth Dwyer/Brian Pearl/Paul Beaudry wing of the party going to go? For Pollina?"

Don't you mean wing nuts?
Which newspaper is the neutral entity? I want to read that one.
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