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Chris Roy lining up support

Another bit of evidence that the scramble is on among politicians seeking office in 2010.

Lawyer Chris Roy, a Republican from Williston who is "exploring" a run for secretary of state, has announced that Barre Mayor Thomas Lauzon will be treasurer for his exploratory committee.

Roy grew up in Barre and he and Lauzon go way back. As a first-time candidate for statewide office it would be important for Roy to have a network of support outside Chittenden County where he now lives.

By the way, Roy has been raising a lot of questions about instant run-off voting in chats out there in ether land. Extending IRV might well be an issue in the next secretary of state's race even if the Legislature were to make some decision in the interim -- don't you think?

-- Nancy Remsen

I wonder if Gov. Douglas would describe Roy's early campaigning as "pervsere." Or does that only apply to Democrats?
that is exaclty the sort of question that Douglas needs to be asked.
Hey Jim Douglas - Is Chris Roy's early camapigning perverse?

Hey Dennise Casey - you are Jim's mouthpiece - what's he say on thisone?
I say give Roy a chance.
Thom Lauzon, really, that dude is f'n crazy, does anyone remember when he assaulted the douglas pie thrower and told the media he'd be at the dude's arraignment because they had 'unfinished business'?
Hey, there's a difference folks. Unlike Racine, who announced for Governor before the newly re-elected Gov. even took office, Chris: a) only formed an exploratory committee, and b) is considering an office that Deb already announced she might be vacating.

Read it and weep, people.
A difference - you're kidding right?

Roy is actively seeking support - and raising money!

Jim Douglas typically sends out his first fundraising letter within a month or two of the last election.

This is not a partisan issue - let's just be fair about whether you are running or not - no semantics!
It's different, see, because it's a Republican.

A Republican can do it and it's okay. When a Democrat does it, it's "pervsere".

Oh and by the way ... Jim Douglas started actively campaigning for Governor before Howard Dean was sworn into his last term in office.
The GOP is the "Do as I say, not as I do!" Party!!!
The Democrats do the same thing.
Pollina for Governor
I get the feeling that the Progs bought too many "Pollina for Governor" bumper stickers 12 years ago and they don't want to toss them out so they keep running Pollina over and over again.

Seriously, this guy has lost 4 statewide elections. The people have spoken over and over and over and over again. They don't want Tony Pollina. Isn't it time for the Progs to get a new candidate ??
No, this could be the time for Anthony Pollina.
LOL! Fifth time is a charm??

Perhaps you think that this could be 'the time' for Lyndon LaRouche too??
Anthony is important to those of us who think there whould be more than just the two party system.
"Anthony is important to those of us who think there whould be more than just the two party system."

A four-time loser is your standard-bearer for the proposition that there should be more than a two-party system?????

You must love Ralph Nader, then, too.
Come on Anthony - don't let us down!
Pollina beat the Democratic candidate last time - he should take another shot at it.
"Pollina beat the Democratic candidate last time - he should take another shot at it."

You want him to take a FIFTH shot at statewide office? When you say he "beat" the Democratic candidate, you're not really being honest. 22% to her 21%? Is that what you consider "beating" in your dreamworld?

Pollina has run 4 times and been soundly rejected by the liberal voters of Vermont 4 times.

Hint, hint.

Maybe he'd be taken more seriously if he had ever shown some humility and run for town Selectboard, or State Rep, or State Senate.

But no.

I'm Tony. I deserve to be Governor. Vermonters are foolish for not electing me, Anthony Pollina, to be their Governor. What's wrong with these people???

What a joke.

Find somebody new for your third-party dreams.
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