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Out of the Wilderness

Rep. Peter Welch joined the battle, so to speak, about the Wal-Mart store that is proposed near to a Virginia Civil War battlefield where Vermonters played a key role.

In a letter to Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott, Welch and Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas) expressed their “profound disappointment” in the company’s plan.

The Legislature weighed in earlier this month with a resolution calling on Virginia officials not to allow the project to go ahead.

"These lands and lands near them should always be spared from commercial development," the letter says. "There are countless other locations your company could consider for a more responsibly sited development in this region. "

- Terri Hallenbeck

Go Illuzzi!

Go Welch!
And I add To Hell to Slippery Illuzzi.
Welch hasn't fully proved his worth at this point.Hope it isn't party politics as usual.
Illuzzi is one of the brightest, and smartest lawmakers in the statehouse.

And he generally understands and is right on the issues facing Vermonters.

Welch is also a smart, and savvy lawmaker who understands how to get things done.

Apparently, Vermonters on all sides of the aisle are in tune as he was unopposed by the GOP in this past election - his first and most vulnerable re-election.
No one works harder for the State of Vermont than Sen Illuzzi.
"Illuzzi is one of the brightest, and smartest lawmakers in the statehouse."

Yeah, that's the problem.

"No one works harder for the State of Vermont than Sen Illuzzi."

No one works harder for the state of Illuzzi than Sen Illuzzi.
you are so right.
Bravo to 10:55 a.m. poster. Both Illuzzi and Welch are milking this for some free publicity.

I'm all for saving Civil War battlefields, but the battlefield here is a mile or so away. This is about scoring points by bashing Wal-Mart, the corporation the Left loves to hate.

Somebody remind me ... didn't Illuzzi have to pull an abrupt about-face on Wal-Mart a couple years ago after he criticized them, then heard from a whole bunch of his angry constituents in Newport, who desperately want a Wal Mart so they don't have to drive to Williston or NH to shop?

Maybe somebody should make sure the residents of the NEK know he's spending his time (and their money) fighting Wal-Mart in Virginia?
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