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Active in retirement

You might have thought when Mike Smith retired last year at age 55 from his job as Administration secretary that he'd resurface as the head of some new banking or insurance system.

Indeed, he has launched a new venture, but I can't say it's quite what I would have expected. He's created http://www.activegeezering.com/, a Web site for active seniors.

You have to admit that when it comes to retiring the man's sense of timing could put him at first violin in a chamber orchestra: He didn't have to deal with putting together the toughest budget in Gov. Jim Douglas' tenure.

Perhaps he'll have good timing by tapping into the surge of baby boomers hitting "senior" status. So far, a glance at his site indicates it's far-ranging - everything from winter hiking to DVD recommendations and encouraging viewers to join in the writing of a novel.

There is senior news from near and far: Trapp Family Lodge and Jack LaLanne at 94, so it's a little hard to tell who his audience is. The restaurant of the month is in San Diego. There is a senior profile, this month focusing on Peter Young, chairman of the Vermont Natural Resources Board and husband of Douglas' legal counsel, Susanne Young.

Smith also plans to have a radio show, A Senior Moment, and a Vermont Public Television series, Active Geezering.

He claims it's been more time-consuming than being secretary of Administration. I think I know of one younger secretary of Administration who would raise doubts about that.

- Terri Hallenbeck

I have hard time of thinking of 55 as being at all old.
Boy, ya gotta hand it to the guy. He couldn't have timed his retirement better if he'd changed his name to Skip Towne and moved to Monte Carlo.

Evidently, he could see the gop-slop about to hit the fan.

Then again, bill boettcher couldn't have botched the past six years worse than the doogie debacle.
Boy, ya gotta hand it to the guy. He couldn't have timed his retirement better if he'd changed his name to Skip Towne and moved to Monte Carlo.

Is English your third or fourth language?

It sure as HELL is not your first.
2010 - Shumlin for Governor
Get real - it is Deb Markowitz's turn!
"It's Deb Markowitz's turn..." It's nobody's "turn". Let's elect the person most likely to do a good job.
That would be Doug Racine!
Vermont: the Active Geezer state.
It is Deb Markowitz!
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