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Donovan: It was not some sort of presentation to councilor Perry that we would put somebody up against her. We had number of young people interested in running. They spoke to Perry and it became clear it was in her best interest to run as Dem.

"I don't think we can orchestrate that all the time and tell people they can't run."

Zuckerman: David can't go a minute without talking about how things are portrayed in the "media." I don't mean to be paranoid, as he accuses Donovan of being, but ...

You're not paranoid. I noticed that, too.
"We had a number of young people interested in running..."

Yeah, young people from Los Angeles and other places out of state, one of whom had no interest in actually doing the job, just in eliminating someone who was doing a fine job.
Interesting comment from someone from the Old Guard which saw and continue to see Progs as "interlopers."
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