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Burlington dirt

Knodell: Takes issue with Perkinson's comment about Progs siding with GOP just for power's sake. It's not about retaining power. It's about the issues.

Perkinson: Takes issue with Knodell. Last city council election. Barbara Perry changed to D and was actively campaigned against because she was no longer an independent.

Knodell: "You have to let me respond to that."
For Dems to take majority would compromise health of city. Democrats should have let her alone and let her run as Dem, but Dems told her she had to run as a D or they'd run somebody against her.

Perkinson: "That is false."

"For Dems to take majority would compromise health of city."

That has to be one of the dumbest, most self-serving statements I've heard. It's like saying, "we didn't want to run a candidate against Perry, but we felt we had to."
What did the Dems do to 3-4?
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