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Taking credit

Jim Douglas’ campaign continued today to hit independent Anthony Pollina.

Yesterday, Pollina argued that the other candidates aren’t talking about agriculture and that Douglas isn’t serious about the buy-local program. Build a market and the producers will come, Pollina said.

Douglas’ campaign lashed back today, saying, "... As founder and director of the Vermont Milk Company, Pollina left Vermont farmers waiting for their milk checks and vendors unpaid – walking away from the company to pursue a run for statewide office at a time when the company’s debt mounted."

Douglas campaign also continued to hammer Pollina over his credit card proposal. The idea is that just as there are credit cards that earn you airline flights and gas rebates, there would be a credit card that earns Vermont money to be invested in renewable energy and other projects.

Douglas argues that Pollina would be asking Vermonters to go into more debt. "I don’t see why we want to encourage anyone to get another credit card," Douglas said yesterday. "Vermonters are too much in debt already."

Pollina contends he’s not asking anyone to rely on more credit, but to use a different credit card. "He doesn’t believe Vermonters know enough to replace one credit card with another," Pollina said. "That’s his negative assumption. "We’re so used with Jim Douglas to having ideas shot down."

Pollina said his credit card idea is met with positive reaction everywhere he goes.

That’s one example of where Douglas says Pollina would be increasing debt and taxes, citing his opposition to the two-vote school budget process, his interest in removing the capital gains tax loophole, and his interest in government-run health care. He continues to call Pollina’s 2 percent investment idea — state institutions would put 2 percent of their investments into a Vermont fund instead of elsewhere — as a tax because it would hamstring them in their investments.

Douglas offered equal criticisms of Democrat Gaye Symington, but the fact that he’s paying attention to Pollina at all is new. Douglas wouldn’t say if his polls are pointing him in a particular direction on that.

Later today, we should know what WCAX’s poll says about the governor’s race. If you can believe polls.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Great. Another poll out of WGOP. Wonder what it will tell us?
It will say that Pollina is shit out of luck.
Pollina has been SOL since he got into politics.
Does anyone monitor this? Anyway, Douglas is one to talk. He thinks Vermonters should take out a mortgage on their house to get weatherization help.
The credit card was explored before the election. It would not make the state any money. In fact it would be costly.

Ask Anthony Pollina if the research was done.
Someone should ask him......
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