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In court

In federal court today, Judge William Sessions expressed a healthy dose of skepticism for the state's interpretation of independent gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina's campaign finance situation.

Does that mean Sessions will side with Pollina's people? That's much harder to predict, their attorney, John Franco, said.

You can read more about it in your Thursday Free Press.

Sessions tends to keep his court sessions light. He did that Wednesday when he ended the hearing by asking Attorney General Bill Sorrell how things had gone with the state's campaign finance arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Did you win that case, Mr. Sorrell?"

"Are you talking literally or figuratively?" Sorrell answered from the back of the courtroom.

He lost it, literally, of course. Figuratively? Well, I guess he got his day in the sun.

Sessions played a role in that law too. He upheld most of it before the higher court decided otherwise.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Anthony "Third Place" Pollina.
Where's my milk check?
Typical of Douglas to veto a bill that might adversely affect his own campaign.
It would seem to me that a law that allowed an independent the same money as a major party candidate makes elections fairer and one that denies this even if decided by a "higher" court less so. Shouldn't people running for office all start on level ground?
Using that logic, why should an independent that does not have to participate in a primary receive the same money as those who do.

Remember, the money limits are per election - not just the General election.
Then have a category for "Independent."
Why don't we have real independent candidates - not a poser like Pollina?
Because you have people like Pollina taking up the space!!
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