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Drawing lines

You'll recall that gubernatorial candidate Gaye Symington released partial, sort of pseudo, personal financial information and took a fair amount of flak for it. Is still taking flak from Gov. Jim Douglas, who's ditching his nice-guy public image on this one and slapping her around about it in ads.

You'll also recall that Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie doesn't want to release his personal financial information, though Democratic challenger Tom Costello did.

So you may have been wondering how Douglas, who calls Dubie his co-pilot, would nuance the argument that Symington needs to reveal, but Dubie doesn't.

He did it yesterday in Barre at a news conference on economic development. It's a question of where you draw the line, he said. Are you going to require every candidate for every office to reveal personal financial info? "I think it's a different level of accountability with the governor's office," he said.

Gubernatorial candidates need to share their information to tell people where their conflicts of interest might lie, he said, because a governor appoints people to regulatory board and approves state contracts. A lt. gov. does not. A lt. gov. is more like a legislator, he said.

Douglas also at one point referred to the issue as a distraction. Is it a distraction when he brings it up? Or just when others do?

- Terri Hallenbeck

What a bunch of horsepocky!

Jim Douglas is getting nasty because this issue has frankly fallen by the wayside because no one really cares -- and he needs to attack attack attack because he is afraid of his already high negatives.
How much Corrections Corporation of America stock do Jim and his family members own? Inquiring minds want to know.
How much campaign $$$ has Jim Douglas accepted from Entergy or anyone connected to Entergy?

How many campaign $$$ has Jim Douglas accepted from CCA or anyone connected to CCA?

How many campaign $$$ has Jim Douglas accepted from Fecteau Homes or anyone connected to Fecteau?

How many campaign $$$ has Jim Douglas accepted from pharmaceutical companies or anyone connected to pharmaceuticals?

How many campaign $$$ has Jim Douglas accepted from Lehman or anyone conected with Lehman? Not that it matters now that Lehman is in the tank because of GOP and GWB policies of dereg.

Inquiring minds want to know!
blah blah blah
The only conversation should be why are the other two candidates so pitiful!
Douglas wanted Lehman Bros. to run Vermont's lottery! Hindsight's 20/20, eh Jimbo?
Most people I know just want this election to be overwith!
I think Douglas has a right to bring it up since she submitted a document that is a fabrication and not the real thing. If she didn't want to play by the rules then she should not have run.
The point is, she NEVER tried to fool anyone that those were her tax returns.

She told the media that they were Pro Forma and not actual.

That FACT has been conveniently ignored by Douglas and his supporters.
Maybe Jim DOuglas should enlighten us on how his net worth could go from $1 million to $2 million in 2 years - after all the investment market has not been flourishing during that period and he only makes $150,000 a year as Governor.

His salary is tied for 1st place among New England Governors and in the top 10 among the 50 states.
Gaye Symington is running for Governor?
Gaye who?
Gaye's first ad is riveting! It's action packed and the delivery is so earnest. Goose bumps!
I wonder how many takes it must have taken for her to speak her lines?

She is just the token Democrat candidate because Leahy and Dean do not want to see real change happen in there home state. Thanks Pat and Howard because of you two will be stuck with Douglas again...
John and Cindy McCain have not released their financial information either.

Isn't that a HUGE problem??
Not in Douglas' hypocritical world it isn't. Wind is blowing which way again Jim?
Love how all the Rupublicans change the subject rather than addressing legitimate issues. Do they all get "Rove" lessons?
Yeah, it's so typical...

When asked a question they don't like, GOPers are quick to:
1) Attack the questioner
2) Blame the "liberal" media
3) Blame the "special" interests
4) Of course, NOT answer the question

"Liberal" media is defined as any news organization or media outlet not named FOX.

"Special" interests are defined as any group, PAC, or organization that does not agree with the GOP.

Jim Douglas adheres to these as well as anyone in the GOP.
Douglas was against the popular vote too, until he saw his numbers coming in under 50 percent. Now he's all for it. Flipper and a flopper.
Douglas was for it before he was against it!

Or maybe...

Douglas was against before he was for it!

His negatives are climbing!
Did you watch the VPT debate in Brattleboro last nite?

Douglas looked nervous and sounded defensive.
Who can watch Symington - it is painful!
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