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Some local poliltics

Voters in South Burlington's 3-7 House district can be forgiven is they don't know who is running. The candidate list has been a bit of a revolving door.

Incumbent Democrat Michele Kupersmith had planned to run for re-election back in July. She filed her petition. Then she got a job that didn't lend itself to her taking half a year off to be in Montpelier. It was too late to take her name off the primary ballot. So on Sept. 9, voters could vote for her. On Sept. 10 she withdrew and a local Democratic committee nominated Frank Geier. That's the name that will be in the Democratic slot in November.

No Republican candidate filed a petition to run in July, but former legislator Frank Mazur let it be known that his name could be written in on primary day. It was, but then he withdrew. He has too many other irons in the fire to go back to the Legislature, he said.

Meanwhile Sheldon Katz decided to run as an independent and filed the necessary paperwork on Sept. 12. He's on the ballot.

Republicans considered nominating a candidate to replace Mazur, but decided instead to support Katz, said Rob Roper, Republican state committee chairman.

So voters, your candidates are Katz and Geier.

-- Nancy Remsen

Dumb and dumber.
We need a different structure to our legislature. We end up with people who don't know what they are doing.
I agree and have made that point before on this board. I can tell you that it's not a popular opinion. There is a faction that would prefer to keep the rural charm of a legislature full of farmers, shopkeepers and retirees doing this as a hobby.

There are serious issues facing the State and we can not come to grips with putting a government together with qualified representatives.

As a State we have professional qualifications for Tatto artists, auctioneers and well diggers but don't see the need for qualified legislators.

Captain America
I can see your point, but.....whatever standards you might require to be a legislature would possibly be easily met by say, some left-wing pinhead college professor with absolutely no common sense about how the REAL world works, and NOT by some semi-educated working stiff with maybe not mush formal education but possessed with a WORLD of common sense! I would rather throw darts at the phone book to select our legislature than have it run by the faculty at UVM!
Point taken but what we have today isn't a whole lot different than your left-wing pinhead scenario. Something has to change and the current crowd doesn't have the juice to do it.

Captain America
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