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Keeping up with endorsements

Gaye Symington is pretty happy to get an endorsement from Democracy for America, the "progressive political action community" founded by former Gov. Howard Dean in 2004. Of course, it' would have been shocking had it gone to Republican Jim Douglas.

It's not just another endorsement on a list. It's people power. Or at least that's what Arshad Hasan, executive director of DFA, promises. The organization, based in South Burlington, has 10,544 Vermont members who don't like to sit on the couch during elections.

Speaking of "endorsements," the Vermont League of Conservation Voters named Sen. Peter Shumlin, D-Windham, and Rep. Tony Klein, D-East Montpelier, their new Environmental Champions.

The organization also released its legislative scorecard and promises to work to inform voters about the ranking to help them make choices among House and Senate candidates. To look at the scorecard, go here.

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce has a legislative scorecard, too. Take a look at that one here.

-- Nancy Remsen

Quite a surprise that DFA, Democratic Party shills would select Symington, particularly sinch Ashad Hasan DFA's exective director is a Symington supporter. He's on her website, check it out.
DFA-Dean or Democrats for America-

Gee what a surprise- Wasn't Hasan a delegate to the Democratic convention too.

Either way-DFA is still controlled by the Dean power structure and do you really think they would venture away from one of their loyal soldiers.

Next your going to tell me that Madeline Kunin has endorsed Gaye.
Who cares?
She endorsed Gaye Symington months ago...look it up.

It's actually fairly significant. I don't know if Scudder Parker had the endorsement of DFA but they are very good at raising money and knocking on doors so don't count out DFA in helping Symington.
So who was the focus group on Gaye's new ad? Her staff? It's horrible.

The makeup is too heavy and the deer in the headlights look too featured. Also, she looks like the charicature that Danziger draws of her.

Bad ad to go with a bad campaign.
Here, here!!!
Who really cares?
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