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Putting on the pressure

The Burlington Democratic Party would love to oust Kurt Wright, Republican representative in House District 3-1 and lone Republican representing the city in the Statehouse. Fair enough.

Democrats have two candidates -- incumbent Bill Aswad and challenger Joanna Cole.

What's interesting is that they plan to encourage voters to consider whether Wright has ambitions to become mayor of Burlington -- challenging Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss in the March race.

In a statement released Tuesday, Jake Perkinson, chairman of the Burlington Democratic Committee, takes aim at the Kiss administration and Wright in the same paragraph.

"With the anemic performance of the current administration and its bungled management of the affairs of the city, the Burlington mayoral race is sure to be one attracting many candidates resulting in a demanding campaign for everyone involved. Consequently, voters deserve to know if Kurt Wright's ability to represent them is going to be compromised by a run for mayor."

Perkinson says Wright "needs to let voters know if he is committed to serving them in the Statehouse." Or, like Kiss, who was a legislator when he ran and won the mayor's job, would Wright "abandon them mid-term in a attempt to secure the mayor's office?"

Interesting campaign tactic. Will is resonate?

-- Nancy Remsen

typical crap from Democrats. Like they give a damn about the people of burlington.
get rid of Hinda Miller
Hindarence Miller does need to go.
No question that Hinda Miller is dead weight in the state senate.
What have you got against Hinda Miller? She's one of the most moderate Democrats in the Senate, and she actually knows what it's like to run a business and meet a payroll.

Cut her some slack. She is one of the more pro-business, pro-growth Democrats in the entire General Assembly.
Dead weight? What about Bill Doyle? The guy wants to die in his Senate seat, for god sakes. Dead weight in the Senate? What about also adding our good friend Don Collins? People sit in the Senate for years and do not contribute to our state. The House has even more.

Hinda has been a great Senator. She sits on the Commerce Committee and the Appropriations Committee. And yes, she's actually created a work force and met payroll. I've been a big supporter ever since she's run for the Senate in 2000 and a big supporter for her run for Mayor in 2005. Yeah, and look what we got? Bob Kiss. Yeah, what a winner. What a lackadaisical mayor with no leadership and who is oblivious to the concerns facing our city.

Dead weight? Get rid of people like Kiss and Doyle and we'll get stuff done.
Hinda's a legend in her own mind. She co-opts. She doesn't lead.
I have no dog in this fight, but....Why is it that one of the FEW dimocrats that has ever run a productive business and ACTUALLY EMPLOYED PEOPLE and generated revenue for the state hated by so many lefties? Just wondering.
Because she is a moderate and the lefties within the Party cannot stomach people who don't always toe the party line. Unfortunately, what we are seeing in Vermont, is the Dem Party becoming the dominate party much like they are in Idaho, Wyoming and even Mass. The extremes take over each party and the moderates, who are important in Vermont politics, get left behind. It is in the middle where consensus happens and where democracy, in my opinion work.

Hinda may not be perfect but she has done an effective job and has been a good Senator. If I ever had a concern, she would always get right back to me...as opposed to other State Senators who I will not name.
Come on name them!
The Dems are the power party in Idaho and Wyoming? Man, Dean's plan really is working.
Can anyone confirm this police enforced limit on 1st amendment incident supposedly taken place September 21, 2008 at Obama campaign table on Church Street?
Not surprising. This is the party that sends ACORN "organizing" goons to "help" voter registration drives Now under investigation in 6 states, with 5 already in jail in Washington)! This is also the party that wants union membership drives to be conducted by goons that hand out "cards" and wait for them to be signed! (replaces that time-consuming secret voting) They are a home for terrorists like Dohrn and Ayres, not to mention the crooks like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, that are directly involved and responsible thru dereliction of their duties, and in the case of Dodd, sweetheart loans from criminal lenders (Nationwide). When you look at the scum that run Burlington, why would anyone be surprised!
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