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How blue is Vermont when it comes to presidential politics?

This blue: Barack Obama is winning this state by a bigger margin in the latest Rasmussen Reports poll than he is in his home state of Illinois.

The RR poll out late Thursday had Obama-Biden with 60 percent support, compared to 36 percent for McCain-Palin. An RR poll out today had Obama ahead of McCain in the Land of Lincoln, 56%-40%.

The Vt. prez. numbers were similar to the results of the WCAX-TV done earlier this month, which had Obama up over McCain 55% to 36%.

We don't seem much impressed with McCain's choice of Palin to be his veep. The Rasmussen survey said 50 percent of the Vermonters polled thought Palin, the Alaska governor, was not a good choice and 63 percent found her to be "very conservative. Biden was viewed as a good pick by 48 percent, and 39 percent of those polled think of him as a moderate.

BTW, the current president unwillingness to visit Vermont, the only state he hasn't passed through since becoming Commander in Chief, continues to be well advised. Just 22 percent of Vermonters in the RR poll think George W. Bush is doing a good or excellent job; 65 percent say his performance in office has been poor.

No numbers from RR on the Douglas-Symington-Pollina race for governor. The folks over at Green Mountain Daily say Rasmussen is redoing that portion of the poll because it failed to include Pollina as a choice in the first go-round. Interesting. I checked this morning and all the Rasmussen guy would say is they're doing a governor poll and the results will be out later this week.

-- Sam Hemingway

Based upon how VT votes for every other major office and the size of the margins, you've got to think that the gubernatorial three way ticket is the only reason Douglas wins.
Bush is still doing better than Congress in the ratings. He should stay away from VT with some of the Looney Tunes characters on the loose.
60 percent support for the democrat and 36 percent for the other democrat.
If the Dems can keep Douglas under 50 percent, they better not put the buffoon back in office. It will just perpetuate the image Dems have created for themselves of just rolling over for Douglas. The Dems have the power and they best exercise it NOW! Quit wimping out to the biggest wimp of all, which is Douglas.
blah blah blah
As NEK notes, Congress has record low approval ratings ... and yet the GOP couldn't find a single person to run against our Congressman.

heh, indeed
If these polls come back with Douglas under 50%, and Pollina receiving no more than 10% - then Anthony should do the right thing for VT and withdraw - throwing his support to Symington.

But it will never happen, because for Anthony, this is an ego trip and no more!
Bye, Bye Anthony!
Anonymous said...

"As NEK notes, Congress has record low approval ratings ... and yet the GOP couldn't find a single person to run against our Congressman."

Congress is unpopular because it's still got too much clueless, corrupt gop scum in it and clueless mcsame is exhibit A.

He's as responsible for this mess as shrub and his lobbyist slime campaign trash.

Nekkie boy really needs to get his ignorant anonymous ass to have newsmax and worldnutdaily get him some new gop-trash talking points.
As NEK notes, Congress has record low approval ratings ... and yet the GOP couldn't find a single person to run against our Congressman.

Pollina better not quit. He's the only one with a clue. If you don't agree don't vote for him, but asking people to withdraw is plain bull. Symington is a pitiful candidate who hasn't served us well. Should I ask her to withdraw?
The only problem with Pollina is he's a lying schmuck weasel. Outside of that, he could and should prance about town taking bows for getting Douglas reelected. Why do the right thing for the people of the State of Vermont when you can have much more fun as the "Clown Prince of Communism?" The "Mad Maven of Marxism?" Both his politics and his character are indefensible. The only positive elements of this campaign is that he's set back the Progressive Party by 20 years.
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NEK said...

"Bush is still doing better than Congress in the ratings. He should stay away from VT with some of the Looney Tunes characters on the loose."

Again, I hate to keep confusin' your ignorant anonymous ass with the facts, nekkie boy, but Vermont doesn't vote for Congress.

Like every other State, we vote for Two Senators.

Like Alaska, Delaware, Wyoming and North and South Dakota, we have one at-large Congressman.

Currently, Vermont is represented in the US Senate by Pat Leahy and Bernie Sanders.

We are represented in Congress by Congressman Peter Welch.

Welch, a Democrat, is currently the only member of the Vermont Congressional Delegation up for reelection.

Not only does Welch have no formal gop-scum opposition, he is listed on both the Dem and gop-scum ballots.

That would indicate that he enjoys considerably more than the utterly-psychotic 22 percent support enjoyed by shrub.

That would also be true of both Leahy and Sanders.

The only real question here is what the hell movie have the psychotic 22 percent supporting shrub been watching.

Then again, that 22 percent is a Rasmussen figure.

Rasmussen, of course, came to fame when it was continually cited by fixed news nitwits because it consistently showed shrub to be more popular than their own fox/opinion dynamics poll as well as every other reputable poll.

Always a pleasure.
Anonymous said...

"blah blah blah"

In other words, you're still dumb, you're still scum and your ignorant anonymous ass has still got bupkis.

Thanks for clearin' that up, little nameless-nitwit fella.

Say goodnight, greasy.
Remember this...

2002 Election - GOP State Election Headquarters - just elected LT Gov Dubie at the podium accepting congrats ---- Dubie singles out Anthony Pollina standing in GOP Hdqtrs and publicly thanks him for the election!

Enough said!
Anthony has an ego bigger than VT!
Remember how Gaye and Jim introduced the idea of closing a loop hole in the cap gains exemption and then ran away from it when their corporate and trust fund friends got mad? That would have pumped $20 million plus out, but it's better just to slash and burn the middle class and poor. At least Pollina uses the cap gains as a credible idea to generate some revenue which is far more than we're hearing from Gaye and Jim.
Frankly, the real problem in the legislature is that Martha Heath and Susan Bartlett THINK they have all the power and can't act fast enough to agree with Gov Douglas and Mike Smith.

They are working outside of the SPeaker and Pro Tem.
I see a Bartlett/Snelling ticket on the horizon. Keeping it in the family, as it were.
Pollina for Governor
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