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Border wars

Over in New York State, Rensselaer County legislators have decided Vermont needs tougher sex offender laws.

You can read about it HERE and HERE.

The gist is a couple of county legislators started on this topic in response to the Brooke Bennett case, then were fueled by a Vermont man being arrested there for allegedly impersonating a police officer as he tried to abduct two young girls.

Imagine how well this went over with Dick Sears, the senator from Bennington who oversees the Senate Judiciary Committee. He mentioned that he has a few items he'd like to see New York lawmakers tackle of their own. If you have been to Rensselaer County, home of Troy, you have to concede that he has a point.

Moving beyond that, however, perhaps a neighboring state has a right to pay attention to our laws and how they affect them. If we were to drop our drinking age to 18, the Empire State might have some issues with that, for instance.

What we don't know is exactly how things would be different under New York laws/procedures in a case like Michael Jacques, or even whether this latest case is the work of a convicted sex offender. Those seem to be key questions the legislators should consider before telling people in another state how things should be done.

Otherwise, we'd be tempted to explore how many criminals just Rensselaer County has exported to Vermont vs. how many Vermont has exported to Rensselaer County.

- Terri Hallenbeck

So does NY think Vermont law applies to a man trying to abduct girls in NY?

Besides, if he were to take the girls form NY to Vermont, Fed law would render both sets of laws moot.
Maybe Sears can pull out his "tough guy" voice and call these NY guys "sons of b*&tches" too. Dick's got such street cred!
What a bunch of political BS.

They are a bunch of grandstanding clowns.

And the newspapers love to report on what they are doing and saying.

No substance. All show.
I'll take Vermont's crime rate over New York's crime rate any day.
A man breaks the law in New York and the State of Vermont is to blame?
Who cares what Dick Sears thinks. The VT laws don't cut it. Maybe he should listen for a change to what is being said and work to fix the problem, not rationalize it.
What about all the NY folks who come to Vermont to sell drugs and get caught, should we bill NY for their jail time or simply send them back to NY for jail?
Anonymous said...

"A man breaks the law in New York and the State of Vermont is to blame?"

Yeah, go figure. It's as if New York gave up on rational thought, started sputterin' red state rubbish, seceded from the Union, joined Bush World and decided to go down with the ship because it was easier than thinkin'.

It's like that M Night Shyamalan film, "The Happening", that nearly everyone else and me didn't go see, judgin' by the box office receipts.
Jeffrey W. Cooper from Montpelier -- thanks for your input.
Anonymous said...

"Who cares what Dick Sears thinks."

Any one with a brain, a name and the stones to sign and stand behind it, little fella, so, congrats, your ignorant anonymous ass just went down on three pitches without ever gettin' the bat off your shoulder, schmuck.

There's nothin' wrong with Vermont's Laws that a competent Governor who can cut it by showing sense enough to appoint a competent Commissioner of Corrections and cut it enough to head an executive branch capable of enacting and enforcing the law as they're charged to do wouldn't cure, little clueless-cretin fella.

That's not Sears's job, little fella, it's doogie's.

Executive Branch incompetence and failure to effectively enforce existing law is where the system broke down for Brooke Bennett, boychick, and the only ones tryin' to rationalize anything here are dimwitted, anonymous doogie apologists without a case or a clue like the ignorant anonymous trash residin' in your mirror, schmuck.

You can't fault Sears or the Legislature for Doogie's incompetence and the cluelessness of his delusional disciples, little fella.

You can try, but it ain't gonna fly. The jimi douglas experience is comin' to an end and it's just a matter of time before the promoter announces that jimi has left the Pavilion Building.

Always a pleasure.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for our state to tap its rainy day funds. This rain is tearing up so much pavement that the roads money is going to dry up right quick, and best I can tell, we're in a heap of economic trouble anyways, and this here rain won't make it any better. Dang f'landers won't come to see our wet trees. Losing all that coin. Rainy day fund was never so rightly named.
Anonymous said...

"Jeffrey W. Cooper from Montpelier -- thanks for your input."

Well, little nameless-nitwit fella, in view of the fact that spewin' psychotic slop and dolin' out delusional-dreck, devotional-drivel to the doogie/dubie debacle like an anonymous school girl with crush while continually posting and re-posting my name, address, phone number and google map directions to our humble abode in a ludicrously infantile, let alone ineffective, effort to intimidate me seems to be the extent of your ignorant anonymous ass's act, it seems like an opportune time to inquire if you do stationary, Christmas Cards and such?

If so, we're accepting bids and since we're soft touches for stray cats and dogs and feel it's important to give back to the Community and help the less fortunate, less gifted, more, well, say, anonymous members of the Community, so naturally I thought of you.

So, since you already know the address and all, feel free to send some samples of your work and some preliminary bids. Nothin' fancy, just ballpark it and we'll take it from there and see what happens.

Lord knows you could use a helpin' hand, little fella, and if things pan out and I can toss ya a bone, I'd be happy to do it.

Go in Peace, little fella.

Always a pleasure.
Jeffrey W. Cooper from Montpelier -- thanks for your input.

Jeffrey W. Cooper from Montpelier -- thanks for your input.

That's back at ya, little fella, but I've gotta tell ya, little fella, at this rate, with all the free publicity you're giving me now that you've evidently got nothing to offer with respect to any topic at any time when questioned but my name, rank and serial number, it's just a matter of time before the
Freeps folks start gettin' suspicious and gettin' the notion that I've put ya up to this business and I've got your ignorant anonymous ass on the payroll, so while I appreciate your enthusiasm and my deep, heartfelt admiration for your diligence is a matter of public record, it's a matter of public record, so dial it back a notch or two, little fella.

These Freeps Folks are professionals for cryin' out loud, little fella! They're gonna start billin' me for ad space!

They're not gonna fall for this shtick of yours where you keep posting my name, address, and phone number over and over again because you're tryin' to stick it to me and I'm not in on it.

They're pros, little fella!!

They're not gonna buy that!! They'd have to think that your ignorant anonymous ass was totally meshuggah!! We're talkin' completely unhinged and off the rails here, little fella!!

They'd also have to think that you were completely clueless and dumb as a post to think you'd keep posting my name over and over and over again and I didn't put you up to it.

They'd never buy that for a second that you'd keep spewin' that stuff on your own. You'd have to totally convince them that you could spell MOM backwards, but you couldn't spell it forwards for the life of ya.

They're not gonna fall for that, little fella. They'd never buy it for a second.

You've made it abundantly clear to everyone that your ignorant anonymous ass's clueless-cretin volume control goes to eleven, little fella, and while I appreciate that and commend you for it, it's a small, intimate room on a Monday night and we're goin' for more of a mellow, laid-back feel here, so seven or eight will do just fine at the moment. You'll get to crank it up, let fly and do your best to make some eardrums bleed in due course, little fella. You can rest assured on that.

So, you're doin' a great job. You've just gotta dial it back a bit.

Oh, I almost forgot. We're swamped here with all this publicity you've been givin' us.

And don't get me wrong, little fella. That's a good thing. It's just a little too much of a good thing, so from now on, we're closed Tuesday and Wednesday and it's reservations only.

Hey, life's too short. Just work that stuff in, dial it back a bit, They'll never notice a thing.

You're doin' a heck of a job, little fella.

Always a pleasure.
JWCoop Tourette's syndrome hotline contact info:

Jeffrey Cooper
Montpelier, VT


Coop's address is old news. He is already on my Christmas Card list. Laura and I plan on visiting him this February once we are a little less pre-occupied with perpetrating all the atrocities he alleges.

We think he is a hoot! Better than the funny papers!

Keep up the great work Coopy.
G.W. Bush
Real gutsy of someone who won't sign his own name to breach the privacy of someone else.
Think you should remove the posting listing a poster's name, address and phone number ASAP as this is a serious violation of privacy and serves no legitimate purpose.
BFP step in and start moderating these comments. This is out of hand and is getting downright scary.
Time to change the comments section of this site to a moderated one. Moderating comments does not really take that much time and given some of the work of the FP there must be people around who have an extra few minutes now and then.
Moderating and blocking the chronic offenders of the site's Terms of Service isn't a bad thing from any perspective.

Posting someone's name isn't cool but then neither are the flaming insults that routinely come one of our board's regulars.

It's a shame a civil dialogue is so difficult to achieve.

Think you should remove the posting listing a poster's name, address and phone number ASAP as this is a serious violation of privacy and serves no legitimate purpose."

Neither does anything else the nameless-nitwit in question has posted since they got here, but in fairness to them, at least they managed to get my name and address factually correct without misspelling it which is a heck of a lot more than you can say for the rest of the delusional dreck they've doled out here.
Thanks Jeff Cooper.
Sorry dude, but "Outing" Jeff is the most pathetic thing I've seen on this board.

It is a step below the nonsense that JWcoop and bubba post.

Are you a stalker? What's next? You going to dig through his garbage to get his S.S. number too?
I care. I really do. Thanks speaking up, Jeff Cooper.

(BTW, I love the Nazi analogy ... you are totally right. This is exactly like what the Nazis did.)
Don't diss Troy!!
The Nazis had internet access?
just dial-up. it took forever.
Coop lives!!!!!!!!!!!
Has it occured to anyone that Cooper might be outing himself?
Anonymous said...

"Coop lives!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well, little nameless-nitwit fella, given the fact that your ignorant anonymous, psychotic-slop-spewin' ass remains as brain-dead as ever, that makes one of us.

Always a pleasure.
Anonymous said...

"Has it occured to anyone that Cooper might be outing himself?"

Well, little nameless-nitwit fella, apart from painfully obvious fact that it's never "occured" to your ignorant anonymous ass how to spell occur or master the intricacies of spellcheck, the answer to your question, unless they're ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis, is no.

While you and I both knew the answer to that question long before you posed it, to the best of my knowledge, only our Freeps Folk hosts are in a position to independently verify the answer one way or the other, but I'll call your ignorant anonymous ass's pathetic bluff, take my chances and let the chips fall where they may right now, so turn 'em over, schmuck.

We already know what you don't have between your consistently caseless, clueless, ignorant anonymous ears, let's see what other delusional-dreck-dolin' deficiencies, you're dealin' with.

Gee, I'm shocked.

It's been fun.

You can show yourself out.
Good points Jeff Cooper. Thanks for sharing.

"Good points Jeff Cooper. Thanks for sharing."

Ya forgot the "Closed Tuesday and Wednesday and Reservations Only" bits I told ya about, little nameless-nitwit fella, but I appreciate your continuing efforts to spell the name right.

Your ignorant anonymous ass is really on a roll, little fella.

Always a pleasure.
Sure, Carnegie wouldn't hurt your ignorant anonymous ass, either, little fella.
very witty
Anonymous said...

"very witty"

Nah, not really. You're not exactly a tough out or worthy opponent, little fella.

Always a pleasure.
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