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Who's running?

Don't look for a Republican candidate to file papers to fun against Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt. on Monday. Tayt Brooks, new executive director of the Vermont Republican Party, said it would be unlikely someone would be recruited over the weekend to fill that slot on the ballot.

There will be other vacancies on the statewide Republican ticket as of Monday: treasurer and auditor, Brooks said.

Karen Kerin will run again for attorney general. She ran in 2006, but was bumped out in a Republican primary by Dennis Carver -- who went on to lose to Democratic incumbent Bill Sorrell.

The new Republican face on the statewide ballot will be Eugene Bifano of Warren. Brooks said Bifano would challenge Secretary of State Deb Markowitz, the Democratic incumbent.

We know that two Democrats will turn in papers to run for lieutenant governor -- Nate Freeman and Tom Costello -- setting up a primary to decide which will face Republican incumbent Brian Dubie. Costello and Freeman will have a fun August.

Will there be any surprises on the statewide ticket? We'll have to wait to Monday evening to find out.

-- Nancy Remsen

Karen Kerin for Congress!
Karen Kerin should challenge Douglas in a primary!
Karen should challenge Kerin in a primary!
You mean the Home Builders Association does not have an over-burden by permits and currently economically starving developer/builder who is ready to enter politics?
The HomeBuilders are nothing more than a schill for Gov Douglas and the Vt GOP.

Their leg advocate is now the Vt GOP Chair.= and their current Ex Dir is a former GOP consultant, his predecessor - Kevin Dorn - is one of Douglas' Agency secretary's.
JWCoop10 for Village Idiot
This would be a surprise. Rick Hube on a treadmill.
Douglas appoints civil rights violators to high police positions.

Not surprising sex predators run wild in Vermont.


-- scott huminski

Don't hold your breath - Governor Douglas and the party he leads will never admit to a mistake and frankly will point the finger at someone else.

Douglas wants people to consider him strong but he is a weakling!
Douglas always passes the buck!
It never stops with him!

Jim Douglas... "Don't blame me! It's always someone elses's fault!"
Yeah, here's what happens behind closed doors:

Jim Douglas says they are blaming him for something. He looks at Jason Gibbs and Dennise Casey and says, "C'mon help me! The media is asking me a tough question and you have to spin this right now!"
vote for jim
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