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We can sell you a bridge ,,,

You know the rotting, rusted, and now closed, bridge that spans Route 2?

You can buy it. In fact, the state has to make sure you have the chance to buy it.

The feds have informed the state Agency of Transportation that before it tears the bridge down, as it was going to do later this month, it has to offer it up for sale, on account of its historic nature.

That will delay demolition slightly, as the offer has to be on the table for 30 days, AOT spokesman John Zicconi said.

The thing about the bridge's historic nature is that if it's anything like some of the other ugly (green, hulking and rusting metal= ugly, except when we're talking about my car) remnants of our history, it'll come back into vogue, much like clothes from the '70s.

You could be the first on your block to have one.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Lunderville will throw in a vintage baby-crap brown colored AMC Gremlin to the first taker.
I've seen Terri's 70's duds. She still wears them. They're wicked drab.
Lunderville: Mr. Douglas. Mr. Douglas. I thought of a funny joke for you to use at your next press event.

Douglas: What is it Neale, my quite literal boy (cue Spartucus bathing clip)

Lunderville: Someone would say something and you could answer, "and I've got a bridge to sell you in Vermont." That would be a real funny Mr. Douglas.

Douglas: Thank you Neale. That's a keeper, for sure. Now go put on your blaze orange vest and tether yourself to Betsy's desk so we know where you're at. Don't want you wandering off again somewhere and getting lost.

Jason: Governor, I just thought of a great joke for you to use...

time to go get a real job!
What the hell do you call the drab clothes that Madam Speaker always wears? Burlap bags!!
The jimi douglas experience has been sellin' Vermont a bridge for the better part of six years as it is. Where's the story?
Gee, nameless nitwits with nothin' to say and even less to back it up takin' cheap, anonymous shots at Symington's fashion sense on a thread dedicated to Vermont's failing transportation infrastructure after six years of the doogie/dubie debacle at the helm.

That takes some huevos grande.

It's like your ignorant anonymous asses had bupkis.

Always a pleasure.

I'll bet the Governor will now count any potential sale of the bridge in his budget - if anyone really reviewed his budgets proposed to the legislature, they would realize that he would have caused upwards of $90-100 MILLION of ocal property tax increases.

On top of that he increases FEES by significant amounts so he can claim no increase in taxes.

His budgets are nothing more than smoke and mirrors - it's been the legislature that has to sort through it and straighten them out.
When is a fee, a fee?
When is a fee, a tax?


If Jim Douglas proposes it, a fee is a fee!

If the legislature proposes it, a fee is a tax!

Jim Douglas has been raising "taxes" on Vermonters since the day he started budgeting.

But most Vermonters have been fooled by his spin and think he is protecting them!
Right on!

FACT: Douglas has been railing on local school budgets for years - yet his own budgets that he proposes and signs have a higher % increase - year over year!

He plays games with the taxpayers money.
And under the guise of fiscal responsibility by "reducing state government" thru the downsizing of the workforce, Douglas is essentially placing even more burden on Vermont's local communities by also reducing their state resources and services, which will surely lead to higher local taxes to make up the difference. But Douglas can say he cut state spending (while dumping it back on local communities). Local leaders then look like crap while Douglas runs away laughing. Remember, Vermont has no county government structure in between the state and local layers. That's why Vermont state government appears larger to the average person. When you hear these state employee to citizen ratio numbers flung around by Republican hatchet people, remember that last fact.
Absolutely right!

When discussing his review of the Governor's Ecomonic Stimulus package, Tom Kavet had some interesting thoughts as an economist.

The Governor claimed $200+ million in stimulus -- Kavet said at best it's about $40-60 million.

The Governor insisted on the sales tax holiday -- Kavet said that is not really stimulus butm rather a shell game with retail sales.

When asked about the 400 state job cuts -- Kavet said the $40-60 million stimulus is then negated.

Sorry folks - Governor Douglas is once again pulling the wool over our eyes!
Lovely, it's that time of the year when the paid state party and campaign types start leaving all their anonymous oppo-research crap all over the blogosphere.

Hey, for those of you down on Battery Street (you know who I'm talking about!) . . . what's the special at the Cobblestone deli today?
"...On top of that he increases FEES by significant amounts so he can claim no increase in taxes.

His budgets are nothing more than smoke and mirrors - it's been the legislature that has to sort through it and straighten them out..."

In other words, he's a Reagan Republican. He never submitted a balanced budget, either.
and Reagan's policies led to the greatest period of econimic expansion in decades.

and that would be a bad thing if that happened in VT?
I would like to see Hillary run as an independent. She can take Bill as VP. Take us back to the great period of the Ninety's.
That would be an interesting race but if she/they lose, would they forever go away!
McCain could win if he said he would put some democrats in his cabinet!
Go Pollina!
Oh, yeah!
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