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Pollina slammed his opponents as "insiders," who have led to a loss of jobs, the inability to afford homes, higher health care costs and other problems facing the state.

"Let's all thank the insiders for that," he said angrily.

Stale rhetoric.
Isn't he trying to become an "insider"? You gotta watch out for those self-loathing types.

Earth to Pollina: Pay the farmers.
Aren't the Progs also insiders?
They have major party status, and have 6 members in the Legislature?
And in Burlington they have become the old boy... errr "person" network!
Move on this was a shameless publicity stunt!
There's no shame in politics. Its called he who gets most votes win and in order to do that you need media and free is always best. I say...good for you tony. It keeps the conversation mooooving!!
Mooove it on out of Vermont!
The Progs so want to be insiders.
Oh yeah!
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