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Staying in

Progressive Party gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina reaffirmed his plans to stay in the race Thursday at a mid-day rally on the steps of Burlington City Hall.
" We launched a campaign for govenror back in March," Pollina said. "As far back a August I made an effort to reach out to a broad coalition of people."
Battered by question of whether he should withdraw from the race since Democrat Gaye Symington announced her candidacy early this month, Pollina said he wanted to "end the speculation and tio outline a strategy for winning the office of governor of Vermont."
Pollina and Symington are challenging three-term incumbent Republican Jim Douglas and would likelu draw from the same pool of voters.
Pollina told the crowd he has not heard any leadership from Montpelier.
"We need somebody who can bring Vermonters together," said Jane Knodell, who introduced Pollina. "We need somebody who is not afraid to put new ideas on the table."

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Bah Hah! Vermont press left with egg on its face. Maybe you should focus less on rumor and conjecture and start exploring the facts. Do you have no sources? Most good reporters are able to get the story before the story happens. Then again, I said "good" reporters. Enjoy your day sitting around on Cherry Street.
I hope the press doesn't that again.
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