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Pinball wizard?

Vince Illuzzi - he of the four-day work week proposal - says he's getting a lot of response, the majority of it favorable, for his idea, which is meant to save on commuting and heating costs.

One of the e-mails he received said in part:

"I am a state employee and fully support your initiative on a 4 day
work week While there are a number of obstacles that need to be
addressed prior to deployment, it is more than doable, given some creative
and bipartisan collaboration."

The senator said he knows there are others out there who say it can't be done - lengthening the school day and the state office day to lop one day off the work week. The school part particularly has its share of naysayers.

Illuzzi is the sort of legislator who tosses out a lot of ideas, some of them unusual, and lets them pinball their way through the system. Sometimes they eventually reach the stage of lighting up the board. Does this one have the legs to do that - to launch a discussion about how things can be done differently in the era of $4 a gallon (or $45) fuel?

Tell us, as you all head into Friday, that fifth day of the week that would likely be the one most would choose to lop off.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Illuzzi's not big on the actual legwork. He's an idea man. Leave the actual work to someone else.
It'll give new meaning to the saying "TGIF"
Do it lots of firms do and it is very successful.
Illuzi's head is in the clouds on this one. Typical of "which ever way the wind blows" for the Orleans/Essex County States' Attorney
It could be very useful.
Using Flex schedules could also help.
Theoretically, it can work.

Then again, with both parents working to make ends meet and single-parent families hard-pressed to find and fund childcare more often than not, who's gonna watch the kids and mind the store on Friday when the kids have no school and Mom and/or Dad is at work?

Gee, another half-baked, brain-dead, gop-slop nonsense proposal fails to survive a head-on collision with reality.

Imagine that.

Well, the nameless-nitwits of the coalition of the clueless can always blame it on the VTNEA now and cook up a reason for it later.

Hey, it's got 'em this far.

Always a pleasure.
Highest unemployment in Vermont since 1994!!!

Jim = Worst Unemployment In 14 Years!
Maybe the unemployment situation is a function of: 1.) the overall U.S. economy, 2.) the growing costs of doing business in VT. and 3.) the overall unfriendliness of the state towards development of the business environment.

For years everyone has pushed back on companies that have wanted to develop in the state forcing them to turn elsewhere for their expansion plans.

We are getting exactly what you have asked for. A state that no one wants to invest in and as a result a state with a growing unemployment rate.

Exactly what will Pollina or Symington do differently? Symington is part of the crowd that has been so anti-business. Pollina makes Gaye look like a Conservative. A lot of talk but no real substance in anything they propose. Perhaps Coop has been tutoring them.

Go Douglas!
Anonymous said...

"Maybe the unemployment situation is a function of: 1.) the overall U.S. economy, 2.) the growing costs of doing business in VT. and 3.) the overall unfriendliness of the state towards development of the business environment."

Maybe not.

Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for your ignorant, anonymous ass.

Clearly, nobody's been tutoring you, little factually-challenged/fundamentally-dishonest, nameless-nitwit fella.

Always a pleasure.
Douglas has had six years to present some ideas that would gain bipartisan approval. In the beginning, he didn't even need bipartisan approval. His party had the majority! Your sorry excuses and transfer of the blame have stopped holding water. Douglas is smart to understand that he has to play ball now with the very strong majority, or he can just sit and pout and finger point. What he shame he chose the second option.
What is unknown to the general public is how extremely partisan and political Jim Douglas is.

If you want to point a finger at anyone in montpelier for the increased partisanship, it is most definitely JIM DOUGLAS and his cronies - Neale Lunderville, Mike Smith, Jason Gibbs, and now Dennise Casey.

Jim Douglas has created this anger towards the legislature for one reason - politics!
What have the Dems and Progs (who as Coopy reminds us routinely are there to keep Douglas in line) done to address the problem.

Nothng I can see but hope they can tax and regulate their way out of the problem. Gaye has done nothing. Shumlin has done nothing. Pollina ran his business into the ground.

Why are they better and more qualified?
Someone, anyone, has to better than the status quo, which is Doesless and his motley crew. They obvioulsy can't work with the hand they have been dealt, so it's time for some new blood. Maybe a Dem or a Prog, or even a mainstream Repub, can reach out and at least attempt to work with the majority.
Who do you suggest? Complaining is fine but you need to offer a solution.
Illuzzi '08

Write-In Campaign

Anonymous said...

"What have the Dems and Progs (who as Coopy reminds us routinely are there to keep Douglas in line) done to address the problem."

Ya mean besides sending him legislation supported by the majority of Vermonters only to have him veto it with the help of the gop-scum Legislative Minority only to have him turn around and propose and take credit for after he vetoed it in the first place?

Evidently, he was against it before he was for it.

Unfortunately for Vermont, that still leaves him and you ignorant, trash with bupkis. The only difference is that he - like his boy shrub and unlike your ignorant anonymous ass - gets paid to run the State of Vermont into the ground by Vermont taxpayers and he - unlike your ignorant anonymous ass - has got the stones to sign his name to his delusional doogie-doo.

Actually, he just signs because he and the dubester won't get paid for their continuing efforts to do for Vermont what their boy Shrub has done for the Country if they don't.

Then again, if they and the gop-scum minority don't put their names on the ballot, you nameless-nitwits won't know which coalition of the clueless cretin to vote for.

Besides, is it your factually/historically-challenged, clueless-cretin contention that the voters of Vermont replaced a Walter Freed-run gop-scum General Assembly with an overwhelmingly Democratic Majority to rubber-stamp doogie's demented doogie-doo when they had - if nothing else - an incompetent-hack, Walt Freed led, gop-scum minority in the House who knew how to do that and nothing else in place already, little fella?

That's what I thought.

Besides, Shumlin's had no problems deliverin a veto-proof Senate vote. There's just still too much gop-scum in the House hellbent on helpin' Doogie keep runnin' Vermont into the ground the way the gop-scum Senate Minority in DC is hellbent on helpin' shrub keep runnin' the Country into the ground and preventin' the Dem Majority from stopping him because they're more loyal to their party than the voters they represent and the Constitutions they swore to defend and uphold.

Ya can't blame Symington for that and ya sure as hell can't blame Shumlin for it. They've held up their ends. The fault lies with the gop scum in the Executive Branch and the Legislative Minorities intent on helpin' them trash the joint.

Always a pleasure.
You MUST be joking about Shumlin!
Anonymous said...

"You MUST be joking about Shumlin!"

Really? How so, little nameless-nitwit fella. When has he failed to get his Caucus to produce an overwhelming majority? I don't see Dubie the Dim casting many tie-breaking votes.

Doogie's vetoes aren't overridden because of Shumlin. Unfortunately, there's still too much gop-scum in the House who care more about helping Doogie trash the joint than they do about the State of Vermont. That's why Doogie's vetoes haven't been overridden, little fella.

Now, while his nameless-nitwit defenders make excuses for him, Doogie's proposing and taking credit for the very legislation he vetoed in the past.

That's why the plug needs to be pulled on the jimi douglas experience.

Still, as always, if your ignorant anonymous ass has evidence to the contrary, feel free to cough it up.

That's what I thought.

Always a pleasure.
JWCoop said..." there's still too much gop-scum in the House"

And you are not? Go stand at the head of the line Coopy.

You have repeatedly brought trash-talk, bigoted hate-speak and profanity to virtually every post.

You are a disgrace.
In other words, you're dumb, you're scum and ya got bupkis.

Thanks for clearin' that up, little factually-challenged, nameless-nitwit fella.

Always a pleasure.
as I said.....
Anonymous said...

"as I said....."

Yeah, you're dumb, you're scum, ya got bupkis and you've got nothing to say and even less to substantiate it. Gotcha. Yes, I heard ya the first 500 times. Yes, your ignorant anonymous ass has made that abundantly clear, little nameless-nitwit fella.

Always a pleasure.
Coopy, you are not real bright are you. Thanks for making my point again and again and again and again.....
Anonymous said...

"Coopy, you are not real bright are you. Thanks for making my point again and again and again and again....."

Nah, your ignorant anonymous ass made it abundantly clear that you're dumb, you're scum and ya got bupkis long before I showed up.

But, given the extent of your factual challenges, fundamental dishonesty and short-term memory issues, I just remind ya of just who and what you are and just what you bring to the table from time to time.

Always a pleasure.
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