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Sparring partners

One hosts Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The other brings in Christine Todd Whitman. One brings John Murtha to town, the other John McCain. It's almost as if the visitors coming on behalf of Vermont's U.S. House candidate are paired up on purpose.

We weren't the only ones to see RFK Jr. and Whitman as sparring partners on the environment. Outside magazine brought the two together in 2003 for a three-day trip down the Salmon River in Idaho. Along the way, the two went head to head over global warming, environmental regulations and politics. It's all chronicled in a article printed in 2004 and available HERE .

Somebody out there has probably put Murtha and McCain in a bunker for a weekend to debate the war. Post the article here if you find it.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Martha assures us she's "independent" yet the "best" environmentalist she can find is Christy Whitman? This is the woman who encouraged New Yorkers to go back to work in asbestos and concrete filled air after 9/11. My sister-in-law coughed up thick slime for months. And she's one of the lucky ones, at least for now. Others have suffered more serious long-term health problems.

It's obscene that Rainville invited Whitman to Vermont to tout the Republican environmental agenda. Or, maybe it simply shows how dangerous it would be to send Rainville to Washington.
Nice find with that 'Outside' article, Terri! It was a good read. Can't say Whitman has much ground to stand on based on her retorts, but it was good to confirm that the administration is not much different from a hot air balloon.
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