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Jeffords weighs in

Sen. Jim Jeffords didn’t take too kindly to seeing his face on the National Republican Congressional Committee’s ad for Republican U.S. House candidate Martha Rainville.

The retiring senator has written to the committee’s chairman, Rep. Tom Reynolds of western New York, and asked that the NRCC cease running the ad immediately. Jeffords, who says he is not endorsing candidates this year, then comes pretty darn close to doing that.

“I must advise that while I think Martha Rainville is a talented leader, I feel very strongly that the country will be better served with the Democrats gaining control of the House of Representatives in the 110th Congress. Therefore, I believe Peter Welch is a better choice for Vermont,” Jeffords says in the letter.

The NRCC has no plans to stop running the ad, which first appeared on Vermont TVs last Thursday, spokesman Ed Patru said. The committee doesn’t consider Jeffords’ presence in the ad as a suggestion that he’s endorsing Rainville, Patru said.

— Terri Hallenbeck

Just so I understand, Jeffords is asking a favor from the party that he abandoned mere months after receiving its support and votes, and supports his request with a semi-endorsement of Peter Welch? Effective strategy.

The ad showed Sen. Aiken, too. Does that mean it was suggesting he supported Rainville from the grave?
Spin it any way you want.
A favor? No. He's just asking for some honesty from the Republicans.

Clearly that's too much to ask for.
Actually, I read it more as a demand.
It just draws attention to the fact that Jeffords supports Welch.
If I cited BarreBoy in an advertisement promoting my campaign (the mere thought makes me shudder), methinks BarreBoy would whine like Dennis Hastert at a page-sponsored press conference.

Given that courtesy was not extended to a living man referenced in an ad, Jeffords has every right to ask what he will despite the deaf ears. Watch as Jeffords becomes motivated to help carry Welch past the finish line....
If Martha had a brain she'd take Jeffords out of the ad and beg for forgiveness. Jeffords is god to a lot of people, many of them on the fence in a race between two tepid candidates.
"Begging for forgiveness": A leadership trait we all crave for in our representatives.
Actually, barreboy, we all crave for representatives who are willing to admint when they've made a mistake.

Martha Rainville just can't admit that she made a mistake with this ad.
It's not her ad, anonymous, it's an NRCC ad. And last I checked, "admitting a mistake" is not synonymous with "begging for forgiveness."
Marty's toast.

Stick a fork in her.

Send her to retire in Florida with Richie Rich.
Well, I am blown away by the persuasiveness and substance of that last comment. I guess there's nothing more to say after that impressive statement.
Who the hey cares who Jeffords wants as our next Congress"person"? Mr. Benedict Arnold took Republican campaign money then went to Washington and switched parties because he got snubbed at a party for teacher of the year, who was from VT. Shortly after Jumpin' Jim turned his coat on us I asked my 90-yar-old grandmother what she thought of him. She summed it up pretty well, I thought. She said "Why, I think he's a jackass." First time I heard my grandmother swear in the 45 years I've known her. Yup, he sure is Gram!!!
Stick a fork in her??? That's the BEST you can come up with? For God's sake, can't the Free Press come up with some kind of minimum IQ requirement before letting people post here?
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