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Murtha moment

Add John Murtha to the list of leef-peeping politicos headed to Vermont. The Pennsylvania congressman who made a name for himself as a Marine veteran speaking out against the Iraq war, will be stumping for Democrat Peter Welch on Tuesday. Details TBA.
- Terri Hallenbeck

Really? This is it?

This is the most important thing that you can think to post here?

Nothing else going on?

Hmm. Interesting.
It's a frigging blog. What do you want?
friggin information.
Does anyone remember the ads Peter Welch used to run when we was lawyering...full page, yellow page adds with him staring out imploring you, if you had been hurt, to call him...he could get you paid. They made me feel sick and now like a dormant virus brought on by his polished litigators energy I am feeling sick again. Does anyone remember those?

Il n'ya va plus
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