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Primary challenges

At least three challenges of last week's primary are in the works:

1. Tim Palmer, a Democratic candidate for state Senate in Chittenden County who came in seventh for six seats by just 25 votes, is asking for a recount. The margin, he said, is so small that he believes an error is possible. He also said his faith in the election system was shaken in the last two presidential elections.

2. There will be a recount of an unusual tie vote in Newport. State House candidates John Hall and Duncan Kilmartin tied 31-31 for write-ins on the Democratic Party line. Neither is a Democrat. In fact, both ran as Republicans in the primary, but Hall, a former state rep, came in third for two seats behind Kilmartin and incumbent Michael Marcotte. All the Republican candidates, however, were also hunting for Democratic write-in. Marcotte won enough that he will be listed on the November ballots as both a Republican and a Democrat. Hall and Kilmartin will fight it out for the second Democratic line. The recount will be held Wednesday, and if it's still tied, a new vote is possible, Secretary of State Deb Markowitz said.

3. Larry Drown, who sought the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, said he has petitioned in court to direct the party to put forth a candidate. U.S. Rep. Bernie Sanders won the Democratic nomination but promptly declined it. The party is expected not to fill that slot on the ballot, leaving the independent Sanders with no Democratic opponent. The move has ruffled more than a few political feathers. However, Markowitz said she sees no room for the court to force a party to field a candidate.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Can we have a blog about Monday's debate. You had one for Friday's, which wasn't televised. I'm sure some bloggers would like to comment on it. WCAX all but ignored it. I haven't checked to see if your paper covered it. I hope someone did.
The free press staff report conveniently forgot to mention that Welch supports a health care system that covers every man, woman and child in America regardless of economic status and that's why he doesn't agree with Rainville. Oh, it was economic common sense, something that Vermonters have, as to why Welch disagreed with the tax cuts in a time of war. Is there a reason why there's no name on that Free Press report? Do tell Terri.
Interesting comment about Welch and health care. He failed to deliver that in Vermont.
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