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What the ad doesn't tell you

The National Republican Congressional Committee's telelvision ad promoting the candidacy of Martha Rainville for the U.S. House includes a line that sounded wrong.

The line is that Rainville was "called upon to serve by governors of both parties" and printed in the background as the narrator speaks these words are the names -- Gov. Richard Snelling and Gov. Howard Dean.

Since the ad opens with a reference to Rainville's selection as the nation's first female adjutant general, this reference to two governors calling her to serve seems to suggest Snelling and Dean picked her to be adjutant. In Vermont, of course, the Legislature elects the adjutant general and Rainville's terms in that office fell under the Dean and Douglas administrations.

Ed Patru, spokesman for the NRCC, had to do some research when questioned about this line in the ad, but he called back with the explanation.

Both Snelling and Dean appointed Rainville to the 6th District Environmental Commission, Patru said, adding that Rainville isn't pictured in her military uniform when that line is spoken.

"We think the facts are on our side," Patru concluded.

Factually correct? Agreed. Clear in the ad? Not really.

-- Nancy Remsen

I'm a Welch supporter and I've gotta say that I think that you're being a little picky here.

There is plenty of big stuff that we should be talking about.

(remember the war in Iraq? Have you posted one thing about that yet? How about Marty's shifting position on Global Warming?)

We don't need to waste precious space with the nit-picky stuff.
Nancy, don't forget that when Rainville was elected it was by a House and Senate that was completely dominated by a Democratic majority. It was Democrats that elected her to her position.
The fact is that, until she called herself Republican, Rainville was consistently and overwhelmingly lauded by folks on both sides of the aisle. All of her good works and public service were tossed to the wind by partisan, strident Dems as soon as she opted to run as a moderate Republican. Liberals torpedo a successful, indpeenent woman in order to support a white, male trial lawyer. How rich.

Hey, if someone was a praiseworthy public servant, that should remain the case regardless of what party label they adopt.

I'm waiting for word on the Rainville/Welch debate since all we've heard from Welch is how Rainville doesn't hold and articulate positions. How does he do when presented with an actual opponent who is prepared to defend herself?
A politician is judged by the company she keeps.

She takes money from the tocacco companies, and Tom Delay. She pledges to caucus with the Republicans in Congress ... and she pretends that she's 'independent'.
This is a good post. Small details like this may not make it into the paper but will appear on a blog. I'd like to know what liberties a candidate takes with their ad since I used to be one of those idiots who proclaim: "They wouldn't be able to air the ad if it weren't true."
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