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Poll: Dubie leads all Dems

These poll numbers are not likely to be something the Vermont Democratic Party will be touting.

Rasmussen Reports says that likely Vermont voters would choose Republican Brian Dubie over any of his five possible Democratic opponents for governor this year.

In the poll taken March 18 of 500 likely Vermont voters, Dubie, a four-term lieutenant governor from Essex, had a:

- 46-39 percent lead over Secretary of State Deb Markowitz of Montpelier.
- 48-35 percent over Sen. Doug Racine of Richmond.
- 51-33 percent over Sen. Peter Shumlin of Putney.
- 51-29 percent over former Sen. Matt Dunne of Hartland.
- 52-26 percent over Sen. Susan Bartlett of Hyde Park.

Rasmussen's report on the poll indicated that this early in the race that will be decided in November, the percentage spread was less important than the percent of voters who feel particularly strongly one way or the other about each of the candidates.

Dubie led with a 31 percent very favorable rating. Markowitz had 22 percent, Shumlin and Racine each had 10 percent, Dunne had 8 percent, Bartlett had 5 percent.

When it came to very unfavorable ratings, Shumlin led with 23 percent, Bartlett had 16 percent, Dunne had 15 percent, Markowitz and Racine had 14 percent and Dubie had 13 percent. The poll had a margin of error of 4.5 percentage points.

Rasmussen concluded that Dubie and Markowitz are the best-known candidates while Dunne and Racine are the least-known, even though Racine is a former lieutenant governor.

Dubie's campaign heralded the poll numbers in an e-mail to supporters Wednesday and used the occasion to ask supporters for donations.

You can pore over the numbers HERE.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Pollina for Governor - we need a third voice!!
Oh, please. Pollina does not provide another "voice." He provides the same old vague, non-specific, don't-ask-me-about-the-details quasi-socialist rhetoric. Every time. And it never works.

How many times you gonna drag this failed candidate out of the coffee shop and prop him up? He's run for statewide office in VT 4 times since the mid-80s and lost 4 times. His latest claim to fame is presiding over the collapse of Vt. Milk Co. And the normally talkative Pollina wouldn't even respond to calls from the press on that disaster. He can't run a relatively small private enterprise but you want him to run the state?

Get this through your head: Pollina is a loser. He will always be a loser. VTers will never elect him to statewide office. VTers DON'T WANT HIM.

Grow up and move on. Let him rest in peace at the coffee shop.
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