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Markowitz, Dubie events March 9

Let me revise a previous posting. Things went down like this:

An e-mail arrived today from "Host Committee, DebforVermont" announcing a "Campaign Kick Off Party" for Deb Markowitz, Democratic candidate for governor. It would be held at 6 p.m. March 9 at Coffee Enterprises in Burlington. Recipients of the e-mail were being asked to save the date. A long list of names was given as hosts of the party. Prices were listed in coffee terms from $100 for "tall cup" up to $1,000 for host.

I posted a blog item about this and noted it was at the exact same time as an event Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Dubie was holding for his 51st birthday for a donation of $51 per person. (An e-mail about that had arrived earlier in the week and I hadn't gotten around to noting it, so this seemed like an opportune time.)

This prompted an e-mail from the Vermont Republican Party criticizing Markowitz for charging for her campaign kickoff event, contending that this put her out of touch with ordinary Vermonters and saying that Dubie's eventual kickoff would be free.

Which prompted an e-mail from Markowitz campaign manager Paul Tencher to me saying I had misunderstood - the Coffee Enterprises event was actually just the end of a two-day campaign kickoff jobs tour for which details would be released next week (it will be in Barre and it's free), though no mention of that was made in the original e-mail (and my chances of guessing that were pretty small).

He followed that with a release criticizing the Vermont Republican Party for an "early political attack."

Phew, it's exhausting.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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I guess Republicans are cheaper than Democrats. That might be a good thing when it comes to managing the state's finances.
Teri, this is just the reason, out of consideration for the voters, that I don't plan to make any announcement about my gubernatorial plans until at least the end of March. The fun and games times are starting while the real issue of Vermont's fiscal health, education funding, and our long term energy needs are being toyed with under the golden dome.

Mike Bernhardt, South Londonderry
Both sides are silly. Silly, silly, silly.
C'mon, we have issues to discuss here. Jobs, education, health care ... way more important than dueling fund raising events.
Here's an idea: stop reporting on campaign events, fundraisers, announcements, etc., and all the press releases about the same.

We all know who's running. Just report on what the candidates have to say about the issues.
We haven't seen a great candidate yet.
Thanks Mike. I can't tell you how much more I appreciate thinly veiled attempts at consideration for voters as a way to self promote compared to those just simply and blatantly self promoting.
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