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Another gubernatorial forum

If you are looking for a chance to compare and contrast gubernatorial candidates -- at least the five Democratic candidates -- there's a forum planned for Monday in South Burlington.

The Vermont Council of Developmental and Mental Health Services has scheduled a forum for 5-7 p.m. at South Burlington High School. It's free and open to the public.

"The future of mental health, developmental services and substance abuse treatment will be greatly impacted by decisions made by the next governor," said Ken Libertoff, director of the Vermont Association for Mental Health.

Todd Centybear, executive director of HowardCenter, added, "The public needs to know what set of values the new governor will use when facing difficult choices."

All the announced candidates for governor were invited, the sponsors said. The five Democrats -- Sen. Susan Bartlett, former Sen. Matt Dunne, Secretary of State Deb Markowitz, Sen. Doug Racine and Sen. Peter Shumlin -- accepted the invitation. Lt. Gov.Brian Dubie, the Republican candidate, hasn't participated in any early forums and isn't expected at this one.

-- Nancy Remsen

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What's Dubie afraid of?
Could the Free Press publish a debate listing and update it after each debate, indicating who showed up and who didn't? The Dubie hide and seek game is getting old. People should be able to see which groups meant something to candidates and which ones didn't.
There isa debate at UVM the following day 6:30-9. All 5 democratic candidates have attended all debates except the progressive party debate in Orleans county. Dubie has yet to attend any of them.

Only pressure from the people will cause him to change his mind. Make a stink! Write a letter to the editor. We should hear from all the candidates.
Clearly, Dubie thinks the Mental Health community is not important or he would show up to tell tehm how he can help.
These "debates" are ridiculous - all five just repeat each other and get a photo op!
I only want to hear from the five Democrats so I can make a choice in the primary
Brian "bawk bawk" Dubie. Avoiding debates since 2002.
Explain why he should go and be targeted by 5 Democrats? What possible sense would that make?
If this Doobie guy cares about mental health in vermont, he should come and not be worried he'll get picked on. Man up.
Get tough Brian!
Or maybe you are weaK!
The group of 5 look like the weak ones - none will take a brave stand on anything!
Right, its not brave in this environment to say services are too important to cut which means raise taxes. You may not like it but you certainly have to admit its taking a stand.
Never mind pickin' on Brian; let's give kudo's to the Freeps(rhymes with creeps)for really good notices - not even a day ahead - unless it's providing a really good excuse for low attendance rates - for 'someone's' benefit ;-))
"Right, its not brave in this environment to say services are too important to cut which means raise taxes. You may not like it but you certainly have to admit its taking a stand."

Oh, like it's "brave" to show up in front of a group of social workers who want more $$ and say, "we should give you more money."

Yeah, that's "brave."

Get a grip.
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