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Poll: Dubie leads all but Markowitz

Vermont political geeks can delight over poll results from WCAX to mull over for the governor's race.

The poll was good news for Democrat Deb Markowitz and Republican Brian Dubie.

It indicated Markowitz is the only one of the five Democratic candidates leading against Dubie. She had a 43-41 percent edge, with 16 percent undecided.

Dubie led Sen. Doug Racine of Richmond, 43-38 percent, with 19 percent undecided.

Dubie led Senate President Pro Tempore Peter Shumlin of Putney, 45-35 percent, with 20 percent undecided.

Dubie led former Sen. Matt Dunne of Hartland, 44-36 percent, with 20 percent undecided.

Dubie led Sen. Susan Bartlett of Hyde Park, 48-30 percent, with 22 percent undecided.
To view the poll, conducted by Research 2000 from a sampling of 400 likely Vermont voters, visit www.wcax.com.

To read former AP bureau chief Chris Graff's analysis, visit http://www.vermontbiz.com/news/february/dubie-markowitz-favored-early-poll-vermont-governor.


Interesting that this info is out as well but is not attributed to the WCAX poll:

(From Green Mt Daily)

ts a poll of likely primary voters and will reportedly show Racine at 30%, Shumlin, Markowitz, and Dunne tied at 16%, Bartlett at 3% and the difference presumably undecided....And the pollsters apparently mispronounced Dunne's
name as "Dune" - could it have cost him a point or 2?

I guess we'll see who's this is at a later date but if its right what does it mean for the CAX poll?
Polls are snapshots in time... things can change dramatically from week to week.

In 2002, according to a WCAX or Free Press poll, Racine led Douglas in the race for Governor by 10pts, 1 week before the election -- then he lost by 3pts on election day.
Informal Poll

Mr. Racine - too boring
Mr. Shumlin - too untrustworthy
Miss Markowitz - too upper middle class
Mr. Dunne - too young looking
Miss Bartlett - too unknown
Mr. Dubie - too more of the same, less some

Anyone else - too welcome
This poll was conducted before the VY Vote was announced so I think that Shumlin's numbers will be going up after this. However, I don't trust polls anymore as someone stated above about the 2002 Gov race. Brian Dubie will lose this race once he starts debating Shumlin, Racine or Markowitz.

Bartlett needs to drop out and run for Auditor where she would not only be a fantastic candidate but also crush Tom Salmon in a head-to-head contest and Dunne needs to run for Lieutenant Governor where he should run.

I highly doubt the validity of this poll and 400 people with a 5 -/+ margin of error is NOT accurate or valid.

I'll take my pulse on the Dem grassroots and from what I am hearing this is down between Shumlin, Markowitz and Racine.
We can thank the Vermont Democratic Party for that last post.
Matt Dunne for GOVERNOR
Doug Racine for Governor
None of the Above for Governor!
The best one is not running.
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