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IRV on the line

Instant runoff voting faces a test of Burlington voters at town meeting March 2. Voters can rev up for the vote by tuning into a debate on the issue at 7 p.m. Thursday at Burlington City Hall’s Contois Auditorium.

City voters will decide whether this method of voting that requires the winner to receive more than 50 percent of the vote and creates an instant runoff by having voters rank their choices and counting second, third, etc. choices until one candidate blips over the 50 percent mark.

Burlington has employed the method for the last two mayoral elections. Given the sizzle over Burlington Telecom’s financing and given that Mayor Bob Kiss won election to two terms with IRV in place, will the town meeting vote be a referendum and on Mayor Bob Kiss’ tenure?

— Terri Hallenbeck


just like with the two-party system, which is favored by the old single-bullet ballot, our choice of IRV vs. the old system is like choosing between Dumb and Dumber.
GET RID OF IRV - one vote cast - one vote counted - period!
Yes, by all means lets have someone who 62% of the voters did not want become our mayor. It would satisfy 38% of the voters but not the rest. IRV accurately reflected the politics of the majority of people in the city like it or not.

Further, the ballot measure makes it legal for more people to be truly disenfranchised than those who claim they were under IRV in that it would not only eliminate IRV but also the requirement that the election should result in true majority rule by removing the 50% requirement for election.

It's a minority party boondoggle.

Vote no on prop. 5 to retain true democracy in Burlington.
Clearly you don't understand IRV - only one vote counts.
Yours is the misapprehension.
IRV has got to go. Lets move on.
I agree - IRV should be over.
Why do these anti_IRVers call themselves "One person, one vote"? If they get their wish and we have an election that goes to runoff, ain't it two votes? Indeed Sandy Baird repeated multiple times at the debate Thursday that "you get two votes".

Question 5 proponents are really "One person, Two votes".
Vote YES on #5..flush IRV down the toilet!

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