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No budget deal, still

This morning, legislative leaders walked out of the governor's office without reaching agreement on the budget. They met for a while in the House speaker's office and when they came out they weren't talking about what was happening.

The day has more hours to it, but guesses at this point are that legislators are going to go ahead with forming their budgets based on their ideas.

As for the lt. gov's inclusion in the talks - a question asked on the previous posting - my sense is that Senate leaders liked having him there last year as another voice to balance the governor's and so they wanted to include him again this year.

- Terri Hallenbeck

It probably would have been helpful to have some financial minds in the room. It is time for part time legislators to ask for some help from people trained in the financial budgetary world.
Hold on to your wallets, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
Watching a car wreck like this unfold in slow motion is painful.

The Legislature should have seen this coming, and had some cuts ready to go. Here's one idea: can Vermont continue to give out higher welfare payments to a family of three than any other state in the Northeast?
That is so true!
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